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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Dirt Dogs

(feat. Oiki)

[Verse 1:Jay Reaper]
Ey yo, I'm tasteless, I'm tasteless
The Reaper came to rape bitch
I sprays it, I sprays it
That cum right in your faces
Now taste it, that sweet and sour gravy
I'm dickin' on your babe, she'll be cheatin' on you daily
You a sucka nigga, fuck a nigga
Always duckin' when it come to bustin' niggas
Always sayin' somethin' on while talkin', now we're rappin' niggas
You ain't got no motherfuckin' homies
You'll be stabbin' niggas
Half ass has been, ain't no lastin' nigga
As you play yourself, thinking you're the bomb
Niggas turn left, turn right to wrong
It's Dope D.O.D., we down to get it on
Sound the alarm, bitch you're fuckin' with the dirty dog

[Hook: Jay Reaper]
I'm a dirty dog, bitch you fuckin' with a dirty dog x4
Dirty dog
[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
You like to bark I like to bite
Come on, give me all you got
I like the dark you like the light
Spit so cold they swear it's hot
Out of sight, I'm at the top you lash your height
It's time to stop, when I go cop
They close the shop, rock and roll then stole our rock
Leavin' half these phoney, stoney, bony rappers shocked
Oiki through your speaker box we're blowin' up your block
Shit I spit so dirty, it's like I ain't never wash
Fuck a fed now pop my collar nobody's my boss
Bitches wanna fuck, meet the dopest of dope
I walk the park alone, I killed my owner
Yeah, they've told them I'm a fuckin' loner
Bitches get the dog I bone 'em through a doggy style
Fuck em (fuck em) till I bust in their potty mouth
See you played yourself, thinkin' you're the shit
I'mma make one call and I'll do your bitch
It's Dope D.O.D., she know I get it on
Sound the alarm, bitch you're fuckin' with a dirty dog