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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

The Island

I'm on a higher level, Nigga come and test the double barrel
Heavy metal, heading for your chest
I even shoot the shadow
Put the pedal to the floor, car crash, make, you rattle
Put a rapper on my Island, nah, he will never settle
I'm gettin' sentimental, see I'm just a tiny fellow
Trying to make a living off of niggas that you can't handle
I got the power plus the energy to manhandle
Control panels that I operate with bad bengals
Hit a nigga on his bad ankels, cause I be livin' on the hillside, my skill is too mad, trangle
Twist bones I be Kurt Angle, cause I got Saxons and Anglos waiting to dismantle!

So who is curious
Who wanna see us bust light like luminous
The crew of the duelists
1, 2, 3, now check how I'm screwing it

I'm aggravated cut a nigga up and marinade 'em
Everybody livin' on the Island I just gotta hate 'em
Hell, I'm the son of Satan livin' like an ancient pagan
The way I break 'em the way I shake 'em, more than breathtakin'
My head achin' when niggas here start collaborating
Gotta make a statement with the wrench and start renovating
Elevatin', penetratin'
Governments like secret agents
Sarah Palin
I'mma shoot the first prick that, start hatin'
Start sprayin' like on Columbine I got no patience
Nor appreciation for the
Ones who think they're innovating, legislating, see I'm trouble like illegal Haitiens
Dope D.O.D. here for maintenance!

I feel the sun without shades and lotion
Livin' on a rock in the middle of the ocean
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Dancing with my ancient brethren
Protectors of the sacred treasure
On the attack quick, leaping through branches
After the pack chews pieces of cactus
For the enhancement, increasing our senses
Rocking a necklace with teeth of a dragons
I'm chief of the tribe, that frightens the cowards
Running the Island from my ivory towers
Mana powers, I swim with the sharks
Tats of headhunts, where my skin has been marked
Venomous darts, deployed to our units
We dip em in frogs with poisonous fluids
Skin a man's scalp, toying with humans
I heard they from 'far' I'm ignoring the rumors...

So who wanna die tonight?
Who's gonna escape without using a guiding light
The duo of dynamite
1, 2, 3, feel the wrath of the silent type...

No where to run... every dart we shoot is fatal
Some get kept alive, to get thrown into vulcano's
Hear the lava bubble as we pull ya through the jungle
Diseases enter open wounds during heavy struggle
I drag ya to the middle of the village with a cleaver clutched
Makin' wifey watch as I chop her partners penis off
The place where ferox meets cannibal holocaust
The terrible stuff Cannibal Ox would bust
A cross of such, seems preposterous, but trust the gods
D.O.D. Got that touch...
On the rocks...
The Island belongs to us...