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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Psycho (Kill Me Sum Mo)

Verse 1:Jay Reaper]
I'm a demon on the loose
Your neck in my noose
Niggas tried to kill the GOAT
Now I'mma kill the goose
Screws loose I just shoot
Booze choose Grey Goose
Move, move or get boot
Salute my troops and get loot
Let's get it straight, there's no hope, no faith, no sake
Bitches getting raped in the lake
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Turn into a missing case
Missplaced, stripped face, I need a bitch like miss Bates
I get head, she give brain, I split head, she bash brain
Like bang!

I need to kill me some more, give me cocaine
Insane in the membrane, I got no shame
Liu Kang I shoot flame right through your dame
No pain, no gain now let it rain

[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
I'm a Devil in disguise, a rebel on the rise
If you try to kill my high, then I'mma kill your hype
Brains gone, I just blast, shoot - ask questions last
Kane case leg cast, amputate and decapitate
Let's get it straight, there's no way to change your fate
Faggots getting fucked with a spade
Dumped into a shallow grave
Hit 'em with somethin' that will sizzle their lungs
Chizzle the young to incredible scum
Fill 'em with rum to the beat of the drum
I'm a leader to them and I'mma give a gun
Like Bang!

I need to kill me some more, give me your change
Or get your parents slained just like Bruce Wayne
Hussein terrorist I'll bomb your train
Sharp fang, fresh vein now let it drain

[Hook x2: Dope D.O.D.]
You killas ain't enough (Kill me some more)
My killas on the night shift (Kill me some more)
You'll reap where the blade at (Kill me some more)
I know you killas sprays that (Kill me some more)
Even though it's getting bloody I can (Kill me some more)
Got a trunk full of bodies but I (Kill me some more)
Everybody dead now (Kill me some more)
If you're a psycho let me hear you say (Kill me some more)

(Kill me some more)