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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Brainworms (feat. Kool Keith)

[Verse 1:Skits Vicious]

The stage turns into dust, as ya face burns to a crust
From the bass that just erupts it's to late to call the cops
Cause we laced the drugs in cups, take a shot
As a grab a bud, break it up
Taste the blunt, put the vapors in your longs
Brain worms make you speak in tongs, that's wassup
We the wasted fucks, y'all a bunch a sitting ducks
And we hate ya guts, just because we hate ya guts
Just because, get it punk, there's no doubt
We wanna eat you from the inside out
The slimey maggot mouth, is in da house
I leave a snail trail across your couch, while you sit it out paralyzed
Your my host for the night I'm the creepy parasite
With an appetite to send you to the after life...
So grab the mic and I will chop your fucking arm off
I don't care about your rhymes, but I'm sure they are soft
Realise I ain't here to play with you
The main issue there's a brainworm, crawling through your brain tissue...

[Verse 2: Jay Reaper]

Feel ya
Chest ache as I wreck straight through your breastplates
A mess made by El Hefe nigga checkmate
Act fake? These niggas so bitch
They lactate no time to set their ass straight cause these are the last dayz
So me and crack face is sittin' on the dock of the bad bay
Bad day for any cunt be lookin' like my ex she'll get her ass raped
Castrate ya boy dump em in the ocean
Tides roll away in a fast pace
I'm on some Dennis Hopper shit I'm choppin' coppers option less
Cause I swing like propellers on an army helicopter twist
The Dr. Octagon in this
You got a cowards fist
Even if ya'll pussies mighty morphed you'ld still be powerless
I gotta calm down cause I get pissed and sour quick
Cause all these weak niggas that I see they can't devour shit
They can't play the game they can't stand the blood stains
Lt. Aldo Rain I love pain's my fuckin' middle name
I'm so insane
Sick in brain
I'm spittin' freakin' flames
Slippin' dick in dames
The critically acclaimed frasier crane
Blade in cane
Sever vains I'm leavin' niggas slain
The Legacy of Kain my body's drained let it fuckin' rain
Bloody substances and such I'm disgustung and my customs iz
I'm ruffin' up the kids new generation sayin' 'Fuck this shit' we done with this
We stirrin' up disturbin' em
From here to Birmingham to Kurdistan we brainwormin' em


We're the migraine inside your head feel the pain burn
We take turns chewing cells we're the brainworms we bite thru the IQ inside you (brain worms)
Make you see life thru the eyes of a brainworm...

[Verse 3: Kool Keith]

Brainworm wiggle to the top of your centipede
I'ma have to forcefeed? lateral park in your cerebral parallel
Now I'm living inside your mind like a motel
My sequence starters, layed, digital base it's the state of the art...
Brainworms... Top...
Vision force code, I'm a brain surgeon, brain examiner, brain date...
You check the calender brainworms, which was fueled with fame words
Who would think the X-Men, professor Xavier would
Sync the time inside the force, kinetic wave form will make brains turn
Another shade in the song, experience light speed effects
Hop in the spaceship and eat a banana in the Keadanex
Rockstars goin' to brainworms, playing strings on the new synth
The cold clouds on the stage is making stadiums scream loud
I urged Earth to step up to my level
Optimus Prime is robot built
Ucranius 4-7-8... Y'all hip hop dudes from the 80's, 90's 2000's n' 3000's is real late
My quote is flying over your urban thoughts, y'all not focused
I'm Billy Dee, colt 45 it works every time
Make your mother pantomime stop pop lockin' to what I'm rockin'
Watchin' your brain float in the galaxy, I'm carrying 4 bags of heat
Apple know me as the original computer
Brainwork, ya German, Europe and USA
Tutor... Tutor... Brainworms... Brainworms...