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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Ridiculous II

Dope D.O.D. feat. Redman

Try fucking with my clique
That shit ridiculous
But me fucking with your bitch
That's some deliciousness (mwah)
We're some damned for whatever, new era
Now bitch, squeeze them tits together
That's how I like it
But I'mma bring a struck by lightning
Now I am insane on the mikey
All this crazy stuff that I'm writing
I need one mike, Tyson
Beast mode, and I like it
Cheat code, well alright then
Free flow when I breathe smoke
All night and that's ridiculous

Cock back, pull the trigger and bust
I punch straight through your tour bus
Our tees on worldwide corners
We make venues look like saunas
Run upon us, I don't think so
You have numbered in tenfold
Breakin' it down in biss Nintendo
Ridiculous facts, don't touch the mic though
Ill white boy, bitch we go psycho
Long range got em down with a rifle (rifle)
Right hand on the Bible
No survivor, kill all rivals
(Fuck with the idols)
Open your eyeballs
Drugs, sex, violence, still in the cycle
(Still homicidal)
My actions are final, run with the crew

You wanna ridicule us? You know that's ridiculous
I'm in the mix, burning rubber 'round the Desert Cruiser
Hit em with the Cadillac, Buckethead, Johnny Depp, Rugged Rap
Wavin' with my squat around the flock of bats
And in my sock in Pakistan, a little chronic bag
Pumpin' George Baker on the rusty old record player
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But I'm updated too, I fuck with social media
Posting dick pics, while I suffer from chlamydia
And we get rid of you like stain remover
Stick you with a bayonette
And Reggie Noble feels to shoot ya
Of course I brought my cooper
And the rotten, he's with me
Jersey ghost town, shit's ridiculous, you get me?

We shove 'em as we drop 'em straight into the abyss
That shit's ridiculous, that shit's ridiculous
Rappers are so glossy, man, I see it on their lips
That shit's ridiculous, that shit's ridiculous

Pass the motherfucking blunt nigga
Dope D.O.D. and Redman bitch, die bitch

Yo, Reggie Noble I'm loaded
So play Jackson and beat it
Feral through universes
I was born an anemic
I turned this to a remix
Bitches all in the club, ask us why we get high
She turned down for what, now she twerking the butt
My foot mashing the gas, got to carry the M
Got them after the math
My flow hard to grab, like niggas cathing a cab
Kids wanna be rich, nah, they trappin' in class
Hope you gettin' the picture
Yeah, I'm all in the credit
Reggie and Dope D.O.D., we all need a medic
Chicks blowing my phone up, using all of my minutes
I pop the trunk, nigga, and put all of 'em in it
I'm a bad boy, you hear things 'bout to get ugly
I keep the pipes fired up, so it never get rusty
Either hate me or love me, Redman gonna kill 'em
Blood beaten down the walls, I'm the Amity Villain

Get your punk-ass the fuck outta here, cuz