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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )


Dope D.O.D. feat. Redman

(Redman (Skits Vicious))
Ha man, Redman fool
D.o.D nigga
Uh huh, uh huh,)
(Word, God damn it Maztek
You killing them again son, uh
Yo im gonna let this one roll,)
(yo uh huh uh huh yo skits vicious
Yo yo)
Let's go let's go

1 (Skits Vicious):

I don't care where you're coming from(Hell No!)
I spit ninja stars straight popping through your bubblegum
Double trouble, double gun time splitters
Never subtle the vibe gives spines shivers
House of rhyme mirrors you in a maze lost
A cage fight is how we face off
Get the fuck up, Simon says get the fuck up (Get the fuck up!)
Funk Doc, D.O.D., dumb fucks get chopped up,(yes!)
Locked up with the mug shot
Bite my shit and watch how your tongue rots
You ain't close to us by a long shot
You a joke so this is where the fun stops
Nun chucks and shuriken blades
This shit turns most made men to maids
They follow orders I make them surrender
Hit yo ass up from the bottom when you enter

Now (Groove), MC's ain't got no guts but
(We Do) so just turn the volume up and
(Groove) if you ain't got the urge to bust well
(We do) so just turn the volume up just
(Groove) the scene ain't got no guts well
(We Do) so just turn the volume up and
(Groove)if you ain't got the urge to burst well
(We Do)just turn the volume up just (Groove)
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2 (Redman):

Oh My god homie i'm the shit I got flies on me
Feel like F.B.I.'s eyes on me
But I don't sell crack, I sell real rap
The fans tired yelling out ''Where the skills at''
I'll show you I got them, Doc from rock bottom
Dog's a rottweiler, lock me in asylum
The local hero hanging with the weirdo's
Heat like Pacino killing De Niro
My Dre beats rocking, women is E popping
I get them off like they meeting a new cochrane
Yeah your boy heavy I been food shopping
I eat the track shit it out then you drop it
I got no manners brave like atlanta
I gotta D.O.D. banner and a head cannon
And if you fucks wanna know where your man landing
I gotta party going on in the grand canyon

3 (Jay Reaper):

Niggas make fake shit, ya cake bitch tasteless
I'm impatient I just take shit rapist
Bates Shit, hit a bitch in the braces
And paint faces, when i'm locked in my basement
It's basically based on that one night I spaced
In a rage, I split a bitch face on the pavement
I'm satan, the god of the game you be playing
And i'm praised in 88 ways in 8 great nations
A mason, displaying the ways of the ancients
They gave me the gift now i'm blazing like Cajun
You most be mistaken, thinking that i'm Freddy but i'm Jay-son
Creating a patient amazing, I'm just saying
I'll be spraying like a Super saiyan
Human torch, my whole crew is flaming
Jay piven, I'm the best damn movie agent
The multi made it, and I wrap it up by saying