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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )


[Intro:Jay Reaper]
Welcome back to the realm of the darkness
Dope D.O.D

[Verse 1:Jay Reaper]
I got nunchucks for ya dumb fucks
And a mind like I'm telekinetic
I give one fuck, I'm untouched
My snake skin I shed it
Beef I don't need no medic
Creep in the streets like a menace
Sleep in the dungeon deep
One of them niggas get tossed in the heat like lettuce
Meditate take no breaks
Elevate to a high state
Medicate I stay dazed
And day by day we get blazed
Celebrate with cocaine
The blood of my enemy sprays
I bathe in your blood and I feed on your pain
That's how I maintain in the game
I stay fresh cause I'm making them sacrifices
I don't pray to God, I pray to ice
Collecting head niggas pay the price
Now pay attention or pay the pipe
Goddamn, we're living in the land of the lost
Y'all niggas can't handle the force
Ripping your limbs off
I'm a beast like [?]

[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
Shot to the poor, shutting the door, shagging the whore
Shoving me sword, son overboard washing the shore
Some are less sure, to summon the one always [?]
Summing it up there's a gun in the door and I've shot it before
Son of a gun, son of a bitch, shoveling shift, shoving the ditch
Soar my wrist, sore in your [?], sure to be sorcerer Skits
Nobody was ever so deadly (no one)
We chop em to vegetable medley (Shogun)
Your head will resemble spaghetti
They know us from Denver to Wembley
I take it a little ridiculous
Artillery burn 'em like Icarus
The way I'll be filling the way in the world
There's a duo that do it till they're sick of us
Ashes, asses, hashes, acid, half of tab mentality
Hatchets, axes, knuckles brass come to test mortality

Round One
Round Two
(Jay, Skits)
Round Three
(Dope D.O.D. get lit)
You weak pathetic fool
You will die mortal

[Verse 3: Skits Vicious]
You're facing a mason, your face I'm sprayin' the mace in
I maim 'em amazing, they able to name him the maiden
Silence shit, you're shy as shit
But I'm messiah since the first day
You might admit, the title fit it's sciencist with world plague
Sin 'em a serve ache, I think I just murdered the mermaid
Dead on the first date, the pendulum ending an earthquake
Mix of a lexus meditate inside the twister
Mister plot I've must have missed her
Through the mixer comes a message

[Verse 4: Jay Reaper]
Niggas here wanna test this cause I'm blessed with six sences
You have bullet coming from a mile away
Can I dodge that? No question!
I make straight smack for your tape deck when I break necks
No question!
Cause I hate cats with their fake raps, payback
No question!
Scale above for y'all amateurs
Sliced and diced to spare a [?]
My savages gon' handle it
My nigga Bigge butchered some Rambo shit
Choppin a nigga to bits
You're hoppin' on dick like a bitch
Chub, Jay, Skits, D.O.D. getting lit