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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Smash (feat. DJ Paul & K.O.M.)

Uh, Dope D.O.D.!
Three 6 Mafia
DJ Paul
Skits Vicious
Ey yo Jay Reaper, get these motherfuckers!

[Verse 1: Jay Reaper]
Ey yo I'm back! Back in the fact
Back on the set, yeah I'm back on the smack
Back! Back on a crack
Back like a mack and I'm packing a black
Yeah! Back with a bat
Back or forget the back smack on your head
Back or I'll get your backpack cracked in half
Nigga back or make me back up the words that I've said
And I'm bad!
Bad to the bone, bad like a cellular phone to your dome
Yeah, bad! Bad like a boss, bad like the dark side of the force
I'm bad! Bad for your health, shotgun shells
Niggas gon' yell, niggas gon' cry, niggas need help
If I was you, I'd kill myself!

Ha! Round two, ey Skits

[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
I stay raw!
Raw like a steak, raw like the rate of the murder we raise
They can call it a state of emergency cause I'm burnin the place
Down like a cellar, roar like a lion, you hella gazelle
Raw and I'm cut with the grammar
Raw with the Tony Montana bandana
Banned on the cheddar, we baning them hits
Bang on a hip when I'm banging your bitch
Bagging the body, I'll bang on your door
Trip to the morgue and I'm back with the Tommy
(Bad to the core) Yo we back like a spinal (cord)
I attack like dino (saur), sure this means war

Introducing - DJ Paul!

[Verse 3: DJ Paul]
The hardest motherucker you will ever fucking meet
The hardest motherfucker you will never ever be
I'm burning these streets and I'm keeping my heat
Grilling these niggas and ?love? is from beef
Your nigga on fire, hella fat chief
I for real get loud on that fire leaf
I'm in Amsterdam with Dope D.O.D
I'm on stage going in and they next to me
I'll be still super crunk even though I'm on lean
But not jumping too high, coming with Glock on me
Nigga bet he be thinking he can rock on me
When we step into the ring he get rocked by me
He's knocked out like he hit the weed
Fucking with the real repping that Tenessee
He ain't nothing but a fucking wannabe
So I had to put his head where it needed to be
Be down!