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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Ridiculous (Oiki Remix)

Jump head first down into the abyss, bitch
Fucking with my clique, huh? That shit's ridiculous
Go against the gods, go against the flow
Now we all powerfull and look at you... Ridiculous

Uncle Fred said 'fuck em!'
You're going from the top to the bottom (drop em)
You don't wanna mess with rotten (rotten)
More rock 'n roll than any hip hoppin'
Undead - graveyard's my garden
And few spots left for you in burial to stares in
No, you don't want it, you fuckin' with the martian
(Always finish what we started)
Sold yourself for a bargain price
Get what I want, never askin' nice
Do what I want never take advice
And now west coast better take a hike
People wants more and I take your life
I won't let it slide, this shit ain't swipe
And get worked up in a little bit high
Ridiculous facts - don't touch the mic

I look at niggas nowadays I can't believe you spittin' some
You rippin' em, with no work and no play like Nicholson
Trippin' pistol whippin' any whistle blowin' sissy cunt
I'm super serial with witty puns, I'm fucking Kirsten Dunst
So hit the drums and I come swinging with that afro shit
Super-Color-Fragilistic-Expialidocious bitch
So ass get kicked, I'm on that Indiana lasso shit
I'm so sick and serious Jones, Holmes I pass the gift
Call me a pacifist, it's really quite inaccurate
I smack a bitch talkin' shit about my cancer sticks
I'm smo-smokin' on pink rose with pimp potion
So niggas broken I bust pain and he's brain blow then
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You bad baby, you bap booms with bat, baby
We crack babies, so late mack I attack ladies
No yes, maybe like a said before - I'm serious
The Reaper get the job done make niggas look ridiculous

Jump head first down into the abyss, bitch
Fucking with my clique, huh? That shit's ridiculous
Go against the gods, go against the reaper
I'm an all mighty creature, now y'all niggas is… Ridiculous

Rappers so glossy I see it on the lips
Wanna dance like the chicks in their clips
(That shit is just ridiculous!)
Shit is going down and the rats abandoned ship
But that ain't no suprise
You and your clique is - ridiculous!

You wanna ridicule us? That's ridiculous
I'm in the mix like a silver flash cause it's obscure'o
And I got em curious about
'who? what? why? when? where? and how?'
I do it so conspicuo-us, they never knew us then we blew up
Again tourin' for a few months, years now
Many art is through us
I turn Mc's into pickled pepper goulash
(Where's your head at?!) It's in the cool box
Rappers lose us in the process, they're so bitter
Follow me or swallow me, you can suck a dick or two
You better didgeridoo all that you done son
But you don't get what we do, when that ain't un-done
Dragon in the dungeon, spittin' fire vigorous
Fuckin' with the Vicious now you know that shit's ridiculous