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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )

Pandora's Box

Ruff and Rugged shine like a gold nugget, It's Dope D.O.D. In the ark of the
Covenant! the artist you lovin, got an akward concution. cause the game nowadays is all
Talk and no bustin….

Drop alot a shit and its only worth flushing! this you ain't touching, line's you ain't

You oughta know something, its our homecoming, that means we've returned to
Continue bone crushing!

We keep rockin you say nothing! Dope D.O.D.'s gonna put you in ya coffin.

6 feet deep, nigga no more coughing! cause we blowing up ya lungs like a homo

My flows jaw dropping, I pull a knife out!!! and gouge eye's out, leave a live
Crowd, wiped out…
Black aura's, man slaughter…
Lean forward and open the box of pandora…

The dark side of the scene, we look mean transform my energy into a death beam
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The best team, turn teens into crackfiends. cause I'm a dick, your a puss…Its a sexscene!

Smack dragqueens at ya sweet 16 then ask moureen for an m-16 shoot 20
Rounds and my hands still clean, not an eye witness escapes from me!

(nope) Cause I'm the grandson, that's least handsome. At a playground, to hand out

Well let me blast one! Ow yeah! Lets have fun(jay) I'll make the kids
On the court yell: Redrum!…

I'm a crackshot aim with perfection, you got a slingshot that ain't protection!

The lethal injection, shitting on the rest, cause I got evil intentions, crest on my chest!….

A street load of henchmen, that choose faith! A live: heads, Die: tails, cointoss of
The two-face….

Get erased chopped up in a suitcase! waste of space no place in this crusade…