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Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer

Beyond They Dwell

Shadows come and shadows
flicker, flit then vanish
Quiet, for they can hear you
They're just a memory, and as such
These are real, be wary

Hold no power
for they waver and are fleeting
We're going in
and never more to look behind
Say no more of shadows

They glide on past
yet gleaming eyes
and clutching claws are
grasping to hinder me
What is that they whisper?

Because of selfish pride
I've stumbled into error
These things, they look inside
and loot the soul
of all it sought to hide there

We stood before the gate
then took one step beyond it
The hindering, hooded ones
they crowded round
to block our passing on
There is a will more strong,
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a heart more hale, a spirit worthy!

Grounded, we must,
we must wait here,
and yet I can see it ahead
just beyond that dark land
that stretches onward
Don't go! Please don't leave me alone
for I'm frozen, and we,
we must stick together or we'll both be lost

There is something
I dare not name before us
Yet it must be faced,
though in darkness it seems monstrous
We need, need not fear him
for fear only feeds him;
gathers doubtful shadows
to cloak his shape
Life is fleeting, why delay this?

Let's plunge ahead
and though the darkness
seems full of shapes
and though I dread them
I see the lights ahead, and homeward
we should race as if it's all that matters