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Glass Hammer

Tales of the Great Wars (Live)

Hear our tale now, a soldier's story
And his quest for the source of glory
When a lad he had heard it spoken
By an elder both scarred and broken

Warrior of the legion
He had journeyed to the frontier
And had fought bravely
But was wounded, then awarded
For deeds and actions in the fray
He was swept away when hearing
Of the great wars

Not content with the veteran's rambling
Sought he tales of great men, who gambling
In a game of man's decimation
Won the crowns of their conquering nations

Armies marching ever in his young mind
There were great towers, bastions of evil
And the people cried for heroes who would lay siege
And bring them down
He was swept away when hearing
Of the great wars

'I will lead the charge one day,' he swore
Dreaming of the day he would make war

Youth soon was spent, came the time to enlist
Rome forged his shield and the sword in his fist

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Now at last war is come
And he dreams that he'll find sweet glory here
In the ranks he stands firm
Up ahead, coming fast, the enemy
'Hold the line! Here they come!'
Bearded ones, angry sons, screaming
See his sword rise and fall
Now a man, no more time for dreaming

Fair haired daughters of the land will
Come down and kiss the feet
Of the hero
Laurels, medals they will bestow on
Him who carried battle to the foe

Now a captain, and decorated
Back to Rome where the elder waited
There to query the young commander
'Where but battle was glory grander?'

'Glory? You deceived me
I saw nothing in the great battle
If not for killing and much slaughter
Now in dreaming I see the faces
Of those I killed
He was swept away when hearing
Of the great wars