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Elrenn and Endereth

In faerie forest 'neath the moon
As silver stars hung shimmering
There danced the lovely Endereth
As light in shadows glimmering

A nightingale did sing its song
From a lofty oaken tower
Her gown the moon made milky white
As starlight seemed to shower

To make a helm of diamond light
Fit for an elven princess
The night did weave a starry crown
To grace her golden tresses

On that night fair Elrenn strode
With armor made of sunlight
The shadows fled before his feet
To make the very air bright

The Elven blade Anoniel
Was hung upon his side
His shield was forged by Dwarven hands
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And made of Dragon hide

Elrenn was a warrior proud
Who'd wandered long and weary
Into the Elven glade he crept
To see a vision eerie

He beheld fair Endereth
And heard the nightbird calling
Her beauty snared him as with chains
His heart for her was falling

Endereth did make a spell
To draw proud Elrenn to her
He caught her up in mighty arms
To hold her fast and woo her

Then dancing there in Elven wood
Twain, for a time were one
Both night and day the moon and sun
As spells about them spun