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Glass Hammer

The Sunset Gate

Unlocked and beckoning
the gate was opened wide
yet there we stood
The air, electric
and in angry hues
the painted sky
We lingered, gazing
And then the trees began to toss
Time to head beyond
The frightening gate
before us loomed
With rocking motions
prayers were uttered, flung
As lightning flashed
a laboring sky
gave birth to a squall
No darker fear had we felt
But then it passed us by
All grew quiet
Except a distant thundering,
and blundering toward light
we're creeping

I hear the sound
of blood in my heart
rushing life red,
singing life to me

Is this only a tired refrain?
An echo of a song?
The sound of a dying heart?
Haggard, wayworn,
it struggles on
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It's beating life to me
A pity yet I try to help where I can
A tested traveler
it seems to know
this time-worn path
by which we go

Before the gate
I stood with you in doubt
I reached out for your hand

Then, the battle that raged within
You saw me strive with evil,
nearly give in to it
Lowly creature
bereft of honor
Conquered fear but not alone
Took strength from that blue-eyed
girl who stood with me
From storm to storm
you ran with me
'til at last we stood there
by that gate

Cruel iron, wide it flung,
opened wide, rusty thing,
wide it swung
A shadow in the mist
ahead will rise
Beyond the starlight gleams