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Glass Hammer【 16 albums 123 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Valkyrie 2016
1.The Fields We Know
2.Golden Days
3.No Man's Land
4.Nexus Girl (Provided)
6.Fog Of War
7.Dead And Gone
The Breaking Of The World 2015
1.Mythopoeia (Provided)
2.Third Floor (Provided)
3.Babylon (Provided)
4.A Bird When It Sneezes (Provided)
5.Sand (Provided)
6.Bandwagon (Provided)
7.Haunted (Provided)
8.North Wind (Provided)
9.Nothing Everything (Provided)
Ode to Echo 2014
1.Garden of Hedon
4.I Am I
5.The Grey Hills
6.Porpoise Song
Perilous 2012
1.The Sunset Gate
2.Beyond They Dwell
3.The Restless Ones
4.They Cast Their Spell
5.We Slept, We Dreamed
6.The Years Were Sped (Provided)
7.Our Foe Revealed
8.Toward Home We Fled
9.As the Sun Dipped Low (Provided)
10.The Wolf Gave Chase (Provided)
11.We Fell At Last (Provided)
12.In That Lonely Place
13.Where Sorrows Died And Came No More
Cor Cordium 2011
1.Nothing Box
2.One Heart
3.Salvation Station
4.Dear Daddy
5.To Someone
6.She, A Lonely Tower
The Middle Earth Album
1.Elrenn and Endereth
2.Sweet Goldberry
3.Mithrandir (This Fading Age)
4.The Last Ship
5.As I Walk
7.The Man In the Wood
8.The Ballad of Balin Longbeard
9.The King's Beer
10.Dwarf and Orc
11.The Old Troll and the Maiden
12.The Old Troll
13.No Crown for Balin
The Inconsolable Secret
1.A Maker of Crowns
2.The Knight of the North
3.Long and Long Ago
4.The Morning She Woke
6.The High Place
7.Morrigan's Song
8.Through a Glass Darkly
9.Having Caught a Glimpse
1.So Close, So Far
2.Run Lisette
3.Farewell to Shadowlands
5.Behind the Great Beyond
1.Time Marches On
3.Le Danse final
4.That Hideous Strength
5.Into the Night
On to Evermore
1.On to Evermore
2.The Mayor of Longview
3.The Conflict
5.Only Red
6.This Fading Age
7.Junkyard Angel
Live At NEARfest
1.Tales of the Great Wars (Live)
2.One King (Live)
3.A Cup of Trembling (Live)
4.When We Were Young (Live)
5.Heaven (Live)
Lex Rex
1.Tales of the Great Wars
2.One King
3.Further Up and Further In
4.A Cup of Trembling
6.When We Were Young
7.Heroes and Dragons
Journey of the Dunadan
1.Shadows of the Past
2.Morannon Gate
4.Why I Cry (Arwen's Song)
5.Pelennor Fields
6.The Palantir
9.The Way to Her Heart
10.Fog On the Barrow-Downs
11.Song of the Dunadan
12.Something's Coming
13.The Return of the King (Provided)
Double Live
1.So Close, So Far (Live)
2.The Knight of the North (Live)
3.If the Stars (Live)
4.Time Marches On (Live)
Culture of Ascent
1.South Side of the Sky
2.Life By Light
3.Ember Without Name
4.Into Thin Air
1.A Perfect Carousel
2.Chronos Deliverer
3.Sun Song
4.A Bitter Wind

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