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Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer

The Morning She Woke

The sun rose up, the morning young
Of fair things the maiden sung
Of jeweled crowns and pale gems
Of golden rings and diadems

The King Speaks
You have no need of anything.
Yet I smile to hear you sing.
He gazed on her with loving eyes
In life's great game she was his prize

He had no other need but this
Her sweet song, her gentle kiss
Yet now her song had turned
As precious things her heart spurned

(Backing Vocals)
What of your Father's love?
What of your Father's love
What's hiding in the shadows?
What of your Father?

Lirazel Speaks
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I'll always cherish our walks in the garden
And I am your daughter and ever more shall be
Yet there is longing for someone to love me
Someone to marry, to carry me away.

This is the talk of an innocent girl
No way of knowing all her Father's planned
All he has given her, all that he has
She is the heir to a Kingdom and more

Now in the glory of youth she is blinded
And there's a question that tugs at her mind

All of this beautiful world you created
Given to me to wander at will.
Yet there is something that ever shall haunt her
Hiding in shadows, dancing round her dreams

Come and I will show you
Follow me into the forest drear