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Glass Hammer

Long and Long Ago

Once and long and long ago
Before the tales that men now know
There were yet tales of deeds done
Writ like secret songs unsung

Hoarded like treasure and guarded well
Guarded by angels and cherubs fell

Yet these ancient guardians of Heaven's troves
Are thought to wander certain shadowed groves
neath starlight
Still beyond the sight of men
Yet they whisper secrets then
Unheard by mortal ear
Even so I chanced to hear them

I'm not alone, for others hear
Lovers who by chance may wander near
Then stop to kiss
And poets too, they may catch
The murmured tales in nighted patch
Singers know, and babes have heard
While in the womb, the secret word

For these tales of deeds and power
Have each an appointed hour
In all the works His children do
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Still he hides from me and you
A truer story, a jewel fair
An inconsolable secret there
Still we quest and some may hear
Tales of joy and tales of fear

(Backing Vocals)
When Heaven does a wondrous thing
Angels shout as stars sing
Some men look up and it's then they hear
The tales of fear

It was thus this tale
Passed to man from Heaven
Hidden well for ages
But the magic of the cherub's spell is broken

Fast it fled me, fast I followed
Through song and dream where it came at last
To the secret grove where angels talk
Those careless ones saw me not
And they let slip in their whispering
A secret long forgotten
Listen closely, listen well
It all began one morning