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Glass Hammer

The Ballad of Balin Longbeard

Well listen now my merry lads
A tale we'll be a-tale'n
About a dwarven-lord of old
We thinks his name was Balin
He sat upon a mound o' gold
And there he grew so very old
His beard so thick it kept 'im warm
And well when he was ailin'

So rich he was but still 'e lacked
One tiny single gem
A pearl 'e wanted for his hoard
'Twould be the death of him!
He dreamed of pearls both night and day
He vowed that he would have his way
A mountain he would climb for it
An ocean he would swim!

Not far from Balin's home there lived
A tired and ancient dragon
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His wings were broke, his fire was spent
His eyes, they were a-saggin'!
But he was known throughout the land
For in his clawed and scaly hand
He clutched a pearl of great renown
And Balin this was naggin'!

The dragon woke one day to find
Old Balin come a-callin'.
So old they were, they tried to fight
But couldn't keep from falling!
The dragon fell upon his sword
While Balin tried to reach the hoard
He tripped upon his beard so great
And crushed beneath the dragon's weight
He ne'er would have his precious pearl
For death you can't be stallin'!