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Glass Hammer

Life By Light

I look to your heart
Seen only in part
But then I've
Shared both it's gloom
And its laughter

We search of the same
And crawling
We lurch for its flame
But sprawling
We lay in the dark
Awaiting answers

It's taken us years
So many tears were falling
Washing away all that mattered

Remembered at last – desire
A spark from our past, a fire
That rose from our midst and left us longing

At times we see it almost clearly
At times it fades before our eyes
The glimpse withdrawn
The world turns common
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It's out of reach until we name it

Searing light now come light

Beyond the deeps of time I remember a place
In the cool of evening we walked, life by life

Up the storm-swept heights we climbed
As if our doom followed
Men may mock
Climb, though men may mock

Longing for things
Never even named, never seen by man
Some transcendency, some desire divine
If it – if it can be longed for surely

Surely it must exist
Climb with me till we see those heights
They must exist – they must exist

Longing, sweet desire
If we search for something not of earth
Then we search out this cold rock in vain