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Eminem( Slim Shady )

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【 暫存3 】

Album songs:
1.Crack A Bottle

2.Old Time's Sake

3.Paul Rosenberg (Provided)

4.Black Juice

5.I'm Having A Relapse

6.Dr. West

7.Remember Me (Featuring RBX And Sticky Fingaz)

8.Bump Heads

9.My First Single

10.Just Lose It (cut version)

11.Paul calls Em

12.11) Marshall Mathers

13.Hailies Song [Real]

14.Spend Some Time (Featuring Obie Trice, Stat Quo & 50 Cent)

15.1) Public Service Announcement 2000

16.The Real Slim Shady (Instrumental) (Provided)

17.Remember Me?

18.The Way I Am (Instrumental)

19.Stan (Instrumental) (Provided)

20.The Kids (Explicit Version)

21.6) Steve Berman

22.5) Who Knew

23.Just the Two of Us (Radio Edit)

24.Ass Like That (Produced By Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo)

25.Like Toy Soilders

26.No Ones Iller

27.97' Bonnie and Clyde

28.Curtains Close (Skit)

29.Curtains Up (Skit)


31.Hailie's Revenge

32.Intro (Curtain Call)

33.No Love (Single)



36.Chevy's Life

37.Hey Lady

38.Damb Hommie

39.Without Me (Album Version)

40.Keep Talkin

41.I'll Shit On You

42.No One's Iller Than Me

43.Steve Berman (Skit) [The Eminem Show Abum] (Provided)

44.Without Me (Un-Edited)

45.Jealousy Woes

46.Without Me (Edited)

47.Steve Berman (Skit) [The Marshall Mathers LP]

48.Without Me (in Album The Eminem Show )


50.What If He Was White

51.The Beginning Of Lose Your Self

52.Loose Yourself

53.It's Ok'(feat. Eye-Kyu

54.Maxine'(feat. Danaun Porter And 3

55.Open Mic'(feat. Thyme

56.Searchin''(feat. Danaun Porter

57.No One's Iller Than Me'(feat. Swift, Bizarre & Fuzz

58.Superman'(feat. Dina Rea

59.When The Music Stops'(feat. D-12

60.Say What You Say'(feat. Dr. Dre & Timberland

61.Just Rhymin Wit Proof'(feat. Proof Of D-12

62.Off The Wall'(feat. Redman

63.Ill Shit On U

64.Just Rhymin Wit Mc Proof

65.Shit On U

66.Love The You Lie

67.Sweet Home Alabama Freestyle From 8 Mile

68.Just Lose It (video Verison)

69.Rejouce (Provided)

70.Say What U Say

71.I Still Dont Give A Fuck

72.Forget About Dre (Featuring Dr. Dre)

73.Any Man (Unreleased)

74.17) Under The Influence

75.Just Lose It Dirty

76.Hailey's Song

77.Clean Out My Closet

78.Haileys Song

79.14) Amityville

80.13) Drug Ballad

81.Say Good Bye To Hollywood

82.Bitch Please 2

83.Never Enough [Feat. 50 Cents & Nate Dogg]

84.'Til I Collapse [Feat. Nate Dogg]


86.Like Toy Soliders

87.2) Kill You

88.7) The Way I Am

89.16) Kim