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Eminem( Slim Shady )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.The Kiss

2.Not Afraid (Radio Edit)

3.Patiently Waiting

4.Gatman & Robin

5.The Ruler's Back

6.Westwood Freestyle 2009

7.Introduction: Lose Yourself

8.Classic Beatbox Freestyle (Mick Boogie Mix)


10.313 (intro)

11.Is Dr Dre White (Phone Call)

12.Guilty Conscience (Radio Version - With Gunshots)

13.Superman (Romann Mordvinov remix)

14.The List

15.[PA track: Lose Yourself]

16.These Drugs

17.Cleaning Out My Closet (explicit)

18.Im Shady (DJ Veli mix)

19.Not Afraid (DJ Veli mix)

20.Feel Like You


22.'Till I Collapse (Scenario)

23.My Life (skit)

24.Hellbound (With J-Black & Masta Ace)[H&H Remix]

25.Rap 2k1 (With J-Black & Masta Ace)

26.We Made You (Single Version) [Bonus Track]

27.Careful What You Wish For (Bonus Track)

28.My Darling (Bonus Track)

29.The '8 Mile' Left Behind

30.Like Toy Soldiers (Single Version- explicit)

31.Kids (unedited version)

32.Battle Rap

33.No One Is Iller

34.When I'm Gone - Instrumental

35.Without Me (Radio Edit)

36.Scary Movie

37.1 Day at a Time

38.Bitch Please

39.3 Am (DJ's From Mars remix)

40.The Monster (Workout Mix by Chani))

41.Love the Way You Lie, Part I

42.The Way You Lie, Part 2

43.Love the Way You Lie, Part 1

44.Love the Way You Lie (clean version)

45.Love the Way You Lie (album version)

46.Love the Way You Lie (explicit)

47.Ill Hit Em Up (Exclu)

48.40 Oz

49.Back Down Royce

50.My Bitch

51.Crack A Bottle - Album Version (Edited)

52.No Love (explicit)

53.Eminem - Drop the World

54.Shake That - Radio Edit

55.My Name

56.Shake That (Promo Only clean edit)

57.Shake That Ass

58.Shake That Ass For Me

59.Crack A Bottle - Edited Version

60.Crack a Bottle (clean)

61.Crack a Bottle (Single Version) )Bonus Track}

62.The Real Slim Shady (Live)

63.Stan (Live At Radio 1)

64.Eminem (blend)

65.Fubba U Cubba Cubba

66.Go Crazy

67.I'm Alive

68.8 Mile (Funkymix)

69.My Fault Pizza (remix)

70.10, 9, 8...


72.Not Afraid - Album Version (Edited)

73.Stan (Drum&Bass mix part 1)

74.Quitter (Dissin Everlast)

75.Doe Rae Me


77.Doe Ray Me

78.B**** Please II

79.Writer's Block (Radio Edit) [feat. Eminem]

80.Survival (Explicit)

81.Tragic Endings

82.What Are U Saying