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Jacky Cheung

Li Xiang Lan

nou chun fung, ngoh sam yan hoh nou chun fung

suet bat chut sik jau sueng sung

ye yue dong yue dim tau se do jiu pin jung wooi tou chi si mong

mo faat sin dong mai jue ying mong nei tui sik jiu pin jung

a jeung fa seoi mei hong yue bing sui bat dong

kuut jeung you mo so suet wah hoh sik ngoh ngoh ting bat dung

a si booi jau jim nung waak ngoh sam jan hung

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hoh yi gam jan dong

jiu pin jung na hoh yi tau jiu pin jung

paan jaau do si gan lit fung

ye fong zung go ji ngoh nan cam nei fong zong

wooi tou ya si mong ying chi bei dong

to bei ying mong nei kuet sam yan nou jung


Frustrating spring wind Why is my heart frustrated by the spring wind
Can't speak up Drinking to bid goodbye
Cold night wind Raindrops transmitted onto the photo Looking back is like a dream
Cannot rebound Entranced, starring at you in the faded photo
* Ah Like flower though not as red Like ice though not cold
As though there are endless words Pity that I, I could not understand
Ah Is the cup of wine thickening Or is my heart empty
Why do I feel moved
In the photo In the photo I could
Wish to find The split of time
Indulgent night informs me that it would be hard to trace your scent
Looking back is also a dream Seems to be passive
Avoiding to stare at you Yet deeply impressed in my mind