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Freestyle 2

The album, coming out November, Dear Listener
The Mongrel album coming out January, Better Than Heavy, cheez

Listen, this is what we say to them Channel U youths, listen, them little Channel U kiddies, listen…


So what you're on the telly
What you know about putting out three CDs before you were twenty?
You know that you heard of me
What you know about being eighteen and doing shows in Germany?
What you know about four stars in a magazine?
What you know about the game, waste man I have the key?
What you know about hundred bars on the radio?
Nothing, you weren't making dough you were lazy bro
You're following, before you were bothering I was on this ting
Songs filled my pockets with profit, I'm being honest king
Said it's all politics before anybody hollered it
Turned down chances cos I knew what they were offering
Called out a couple names, had the game gossiping
Never hear Kizzy on the track with Lady Sovereign
Might see me in your girl's favourite magazine modelling
Pulling up in a tinted whip with a model in
Shot my first CD myself it was astonishing
Stockers wouldn't stock us now we tell 'em stop grovelling
Our shottas shot to shoppers and shottas we got a lot of them
Coppers can't cop it, were coppers so stop copying
Now we're topping the toppers from Tottenham to Nottingham
All your favourite rappers want us to do a song with 'em
Me, I ain't bothered with all of the fake politics
Me, I just live my life and stay positive
Epitome of verse-killing, lyrically I'm hearse-fillin'
Been out for a minute G… surfacing
Your whole trilogy still didn't beat my worst rhythm
What you figured B, you're as ill as me, I heard different
See your favourite MC, I nurtured him
And see all your favourite beats, I murdered 'em
Face it your click is wasted, I won't work with 'em
They certainly heard of me from Guernsey to Birmingham
(Woo!) Cos the name holds weight, still I wake up to the same old hate
And pray for a day my face ain't so bait
I'm a rapper other rappers act like they don't rate
Cos when DJs get my tunes they play it eight shows straight
Rewind it and drop bigger bombs than NATO make
To be real it ain't all about the radio play
Cos we all wanna bust, there just ain't no space
And the games dying, nobody's getting record sales
Channel U's full of sweet boys try'n'a impress the girls
The only rappers a lot of bredders have ever felt
Are dead or depressed in jail and never getting mail
When alive they hate, when gone, you're the best ever
This ain't a comeback fck that, I'm a trendsetter
People talk and get me differently twisted cos
This rap sht is the motherfcking business
So what you peddle pebbles, you're dead whenever my pencil moves
On every level I rep with rebels, you never lose
You resemble devils with terrible tales you sell the youths
You need to fix up yourself and tell the truth
You've been rich for ten plus years, still sellin' crack
Saying that you're still bustin' guns, why tell em that?
Knowing that these kids emulate every rhyme you've ever spat
You need to get your role models from somewhere else instead of rap
You shouldn't really need me to explain
You know that you imitate with what you speak and what you say
You've got more power than their parents but you're leading them astray
You don't tell them that these illegal ways will lead 'em to the cage
I'm pssed. Why? I got dck-riding bredders hating
While you spit rhymes that misguided my generation
You're not real, cos what you're saying ain't the truth
You're try'n'a kill the kids, me, I'm try'n'a save the youths
The future's removal of humans, computers, pursued revolution
Hell is hot we burn like chips in a pan
At your kid's birth they'll insert a chip in its hand
I spent so many sleepless nights pondering reasons why
Most of the good people in my life seem to die
See my eyes take a look, deep inside seek to find
The bottom of my soul, find the hole where my demons hide
All I want's a peaceful life, but I can't see it like
Every morning Mum weeps and cries so I don't even try
Still she teaches me right, stay humble and be polite
But she never saw what I saw on the streets at night
I just wanna see the light, raise a yout', feed my wife
But they're try'n'a take away my freedom so I need to fight
Redesign your feeble mind and read the signs, be advised
Either I get it or I'm taking what I feel is mine
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My life is like the best book you ever read
Spent nights listening to Westwood and getting vexed
My pen writes when I'm depressed cos I never slept
Bredders step, let's do it man to man like Red and Meth
You can freestyle all day, I make the best songs
I'm like an insomniac's bed, rarely slept on
The open mics, you know that's where I got my rep from
Shady bredders thought they were big but they were dead wrong
Rap with the spitter's spitters and spit for the rapper's rappers
I rip the rhythm to ribbons from Britain to Madagascar
Listen to lyricists and I diss all the backwards actors
Dismiss all the killing sht cos none of that crap should matter
You know I'm right, go and find a rapper that's as real as this
He couldn't battle, the flipping demons that I'm dealing with
I know my life ain't the hardest but even if you envy what I got
And you wanna swap, we can switch
The artist, slash terrorist, slash Double P representative
Slash the worst rapper could ever diss
Slash activist, slash kidnapper of the president
Slash his wrists and leave a flippin' slash where his temple is

(Yeah! Cheez, let's keep going man. I do this all day
Dear Listener LP November)

Listen, this is for all the hungry rappers out there yeah?

Listen, listen…

Since the day you left I've been stuck in place
They say that time heals, but still nothing changed
Every time I close my eyes I see you stubborn face
And every morning I'm home I see my mother's pain
The day you died, I had a dream where I said sorry
I threw the second piece of dirt on your dead body
When I don't see Mum for a while I get worried
Cos if she died then that would take the rest of me
Sitting in the hearse, driving to the cemetery
I kept wishing it was me that was getting buried
In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm dead already
Cos it's October and I ain't cracked a smile since February
I can feel it in the air, coming I'm just getting ready
I just wanted to hang about but you would never let me
After you passed, advice I was getting plenty
I made you famous because 'Bars For My Brother' was legendary
People all over the globe shared in the pain
But how could you leave our parents this way?
What's worse than losing a son? I compared in my brain
Nothing! While I just sit back and stare at this page
I know you know that I didn't really hate you
But if you were still here would I appreciate you?
I don't know, harsh reality is so cold
Dad visits your grave every week but I won't go
A crossroads not knowing what way I wanna choose
Like I'm cursed to an eternity of solitude
MPs talking 'bout their bollocks views
I'm having arguments with the telly when I watch the news
You know that feeling you get when the whole world's on top of you?
Your demons seem to follow you
People say they're there but don't bother to holler you
Can't trust yourself so trusting them is impossible
No one said life was supposed to be fair
Can't tell people what you're going through, they won't even care
You're not the only one feeling trapped, lonely and scared
Waking up in cold sweats but nobody's there
You're in a dark place, running from issues that you can't face
Conversations make your heart race at a fast pace
Can't relate to anyone, that's something that you can't face
Never ever act like we are, but we aren't mates
You just ate but you're still hungry though fam
Walk like I'm young but talk like a grumpy old man
I hate thinking 'bout the future, why? Cos it hurts me
Imagining myself still living with my Mum at thirty
Really not sure if I'm stable mentally
Cos I always focus on my painful memories
I pray for my family, pray for enemies
Pray for my friends and myself cos I never sleep
Pray for the day I break from this cage and they let me free
Pray that I'm sent to a place that is heavenly
Pray for my present, pray for my legacy
And pray it's in a positive way, they remember me

Yes, MK, peace and love yeah