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Just Shine

Yeah Yeah
This is for my sister and my boy D, yeah, for you too

Just shine, shine like you know you can
It's your life and I can't hold your hand
You never know when your time will be done
So just shine, shine brighter than the sun
Just shine, there's nothing you've got to hide
Show the world you've got inside
Cause you've only got one time
Just shine x5

1st verse

Blad we go so far back we had mad fights nowadays we both laugh at
You the only one that stuck with me through the thick and thin
But I took you for granted and that's the wickedist ting.
I trust you and that's all I can ask for, So my marge is your marge blad my yard's yours
People think i'm too hard on you but don't rap if there's suttin that you can rather do
If you do wanna rap, then show me why, there's no time to be intimid blad don't be shy
You can't use them stupid excuses with me because there's so much more than you can achieve
Just come out of your shell, don't be ashamed of your skill, be proud of yourself
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Listen I ain't going on fuckery, but I want you to have success as much as me
I don't want you just being my hype man trust me blad you can bust if I can
When I see you lacking focus I get qutie mad, you should be getting the exposure that i've had
If you don't want it, that's cool with me, you ain't just some breh that went school with me
I'm a person you've got nothing to prove to and I know nowadays I don't check you as much as I used to

2nd verse

For my sister ... Aisha, my beautiful survivor, from now on I do my best to be nicer
My brother left us with a burden that we carry but you were born to shine you deserve to be happy
I know I play my music loud when you're trying to sleep but i'll do anything just to seeing you smilin' at me
When I look in those big brown eyes, I know without you i'm like clouds without the sky
When I was young I would steal your sweets and take your money, no matter how much I met you with hate you'd love me
You used to draw in the corner and just think quietly, your determination and strength has inspired me
Time flies and now we're both grown up, but it's unfair that you've been through so much
But please don't let it get you down, don't let the past upset you now
Cause the mind gets tortured by over-analysis, look your gorgeous you know that you're talented
Do all the things that you love to do, there ain't a man on this Earth good enough for you
When I say we can get hit by a comet, this is honest, live for today cause tomorrow isn't promised
If you need me, never try to hesitate, i'm here for you, anytime, any place