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Read Between The Lines

After what happened on 9/11
Saddam was a threat they had to find his weapons
Then an inspector said that he never had any
A couple of months later that mans buried
Its damn scary cuz he exposed their rutheless lies
Then apparently commited suicide
But its obvious that he didnt choose to die
The truth is he was brutally crucified
Just imagine if they invaded great britain
Face it that war was based on rascism
I love michael but deep down hes a child
For years they said he was a pedophile
But when it went to court he beat the trial
The reason is money buys freedom so hes aloud
Dont believe the hype or let em cease your mind
People please read in between the lines

Yo I might get misquoted in an interview
And people might say somthing about me that isnt true
Or say that I did somthing I didnt do
Cuz I say im arab some people disapprove
Straight up its made blood the fakeness annoys me
Like a club night that doesnt pay its employees
I dont go there with my friends to party
Cuz thats about as hiphop as gwen stefani
Years back 50 was real his shit was raw
Now the same man call him a snitch and fraud
Joss stone didnt sell when she hit the stores
But that changed when she won two brit awards
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A certain MC set up a clique but found breaders
Worst than him just so he could sound better
Dont believe the hype or let em cease your mind
People please read inbetween the lines

Yo yo hiphop use to be done on the streets
Now every mug and their mom wants a piece
Suburban parents hated this music their kids love
Now even britney spears tries to spit rub (not sure about this)
They copy whats out to dumb to innovate
Christina aguilera justin timberlake
When garage was around and the ends for ages
Then they called it grime and westwood played it
Then you got american rappers like mobdeep
Who spit about murdering people on hot beats
(something about)squash beef
When you look at the affect they have its off keep
Bush rigged the first election even let us find out
Then you wonder why he won again the second time round
Dont believe the hype or let em cease your mind
People please read inbetween the lines

Over Yeah yeah you know in these days and times
Weve got to train our minds to read inbetween the lines
Weve got to figure out whose who
Weve got to see the people for who they are