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Slim Burna

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Slim Burna

Claro (feat. Pi Piego Of Ruudboiz)

Smoke, smoke, smoke claro
We be gettin' high, feelin' fly
Til we touch di ceiling

Smoke, smoke, smoke claro
And I get inna di booth, I do my ting
And dey believe me
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Smoke, smoke, smoke claro
We be gettin' high, feelin' fly
touch di ceiling
Ceiling!! Hey!!!

[Slim Burna]
Separatin' green grass
Lookin' out for the cops, I dey think fast
I've never been last
So I make a move cuz the cops fit blast
Gimme di rizla make ya boy roll
Ganja spirit make a bad man dope
Gimme small make I testify
One puff, one puff,
I'ma touch the sky


[Pi Piego]
I know you say na mi bad
Yes I smoke dope and yuh say mi retard
Upliftin' my spirit anytime dat I'm sad
One side, one side with the alomo and we pop
You must be on the weed if you going my way
When you're through with de nutch
Make you pass am side ways
Awa boys don don don dey
Anytime weh yuh see me make you holla twale


Pass me the rizla, pass me the kush
Pass me the lighter, pass me the nutch
Pass me the bloaw, mek yuh pass mi di ganja
If you understand me, then you a bad man
Anytime I'm feeling depressed
Sorrows all in my chest
No lie no lie no lie,
Gimme one puff, I say make I fly away ye!!

(Chorus 2x)

Smoke smoke smoke claro (3x)