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Slim Burna

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Slim Burna

All Day (feat. Bukwild Da Ikwerrian)

[Bukwild Da Ikwerrian]
Ya know
Sometime ago
My poppa e ma say to me
What doesn't kill you
Always makes you strong
The words of a wiseman

Well Slim Burna, you dunno
Gat me pon this joint
We calling it ghetto youths people
Bukwild da Ikwerrean, deh ya so
You dunno.. Click!!
In every corner you die
Must be born of the same person

[Slim Burna]
Men, when I heard the news about
Big l, tipsy, and chidiaka, tekkena too
I was suprised, you understand
No matter what they did
They were not supposed to burn them
I don't know what to say
But their death brought hiphop back to Port Harcourt...word

Talking 'bout struggling
Welcome to my country
Take a walk around the city
Take a little survey
Gunshots, people killing
A lot of gun plays
Christian, muslim, fighting
A lot of bomb plays
Take a little rewind
Back to 1999
Its not the same place
Don't look front, better look behind
The government think sey we are mad
Me I speak for the dumb and the blind
Many things running through my mind
Gat me screaming out all day...

From the slums to the ghetto
My people suffering
Lotta people dying
Gat me screaming out all day
All day, all day
Gat me screaming out all day
All day, all day
Ye, ye

[Bukwild Da Ikwerrian]
Like yesterday when mi see a Ghetto youth he ma blush
Cos him no get moni runnin' thru the puss
Lutton Prostitution is the order of the day
Cos a Ghetto youth want a Liko sumtin' fi eat situation make dem act so natty
Government say dem don't knw
Situation make dem act so natty
Government say dey don't know
Ghetto youth be wise now
Ghetto youth na be wise now
Cos Jesus Christ was born in Ghetto
12 Disciples dem ma Come from the Ghetto
Martin Luther King him ma born from the Ghetto
Why you act like sey you don't knw your the best now

(Chorus 2x)

From the slums to the ghetto...
My people suffering...
lotta people dying
got me screamin out all day
all day..all day