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Slim Burna

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Slim Burna

Side To Side (Slow) (feat. Filez)

*Chantings in a South African language*

See I love da way you wine it and di way you roll that waist (2x)

I want to call you my bride ah
wanna make you feel better
oya sa re wa re
shey you want make I love you forever
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make your brain blow like poofff!!
touch your body
let's groove
oya na na na na na na
pam pam side to side

(Chanting continues)

[Slim Burna]
She's calling me
I said she's calling me
she's winding slow
looking like a mermaid
pretty lady, pretty, pretty lady
da way you doing gat me going crazy
see I like di way you wind it
and the way you roll dat waist
and girl if you no stop
me I go want to start to craze
see I've been wondering if,
if I could take you to my place
and maybe we could play
see I be your man, you be my bride


(Chanting continues till fade)