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Bling Bling Trap

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Bling Bling Trap

The Chosen One

[verse 1]
i been chosen since birth, to save souls on this earth
a life of peace is a blessing and curse
they speak blasphemy, the thruth got them running
they mess with God,they get thrown in hells dungeon

backstabbers,my real friends is imaginary
i'll get my sword and defeat all my adversary's
they sinning they got baptist in dirty water
this planet need a new world order

people suffering they praying for a messiah
see visions of God son on a chariot of fire
they think he's white or black, they judge his appearance
you can see him in the spirit,have a out of body experience

i can't be touch they throw arrows they aimless
use to be nameless,when i die i'll become famous
i help people without vain glory
you can write a book about me,,my life is a story

i'm the chosen one,,repeat 8 times

[verse 2]
i stand tall like the statue of liberty
i'm never gonna fall you talking gibbery
i'm the chosen one they idolize me in the flesh
i feed the poor like birds in a nest

for the love of money,they will shed innocent blood
that's why they city get hit with hurricanes and flood
i'll take on a whole army bring them
don't want to follow the rules, you will get kick out the kingdom

i feel no pain cause i got no feelings
cure diseases like i got the gift of healing
i go back in time,i'll travel thru a portal
chosen ones don't die,we are immortal

they need a savior,they look for a solution
evil people want to fill this world with pollution
they want to seduce you,to see your soul burn
i'll save people,till jesus christ return

i'm the chosen one,,repeat 8 times