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Bling Bling Trap

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Bling Bling Trap

Life Is A Gun

[Verse 1]
welcome to the rodeo
you get one shot don't blow it yo
take advantage of life opportunity's
kids don't want to listen cause they tune to tv

be famous and become and actor
he can't sing got kicked off x factor
don't let your dreams flush down the toilet
don't let stress turn you into a alcoholic

he graduated did'nt learn in school
he hang with a crew and think it's cool
went to the store and stick up the clerk
now he's in jail witness hell on earth

just had a baby he's a family man
living life sweet like candy land
jealous fools toting tools like a handyman
one shot left him in the ambulance

woah life is a gun
got me on a run
you only get one shot,,then it's all done

they want to link up
invest so you don't go bankrupt
when people do wrong it always backfire
then they get stuck like a flat tire

i keep chicks in the coop like a farm
so no pervert won't do them no harm
they hating on you with your jews and ice
dudes fight over girls and they lose their life

live by the gun you die by the gun
don't live to see 25 living in the slums
it's never peace soldiers fight war
bombing country's leaving family's poor

the mafia's leave their family rich
his best friend turn out to be a snitch
it's in the newspapers and magazines
they burn the evidence with gasoline

woah life is a gun
got me on a run
you only get one shot,,then it's all done