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Black Sheep Wall

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Black Sheep Wall

Tetsuo The Dead Man

Eyes glare at the screen
Self obsessed magazine
It couldn't hurt to turn you off

Pretend that this cord has an end

Appliance built on alibis
Wake up, watch your family die
One picture at a time,
We're creating the final lullaby

It's the slow steady hum of destruction

Power cord creates a noose
Eat the forbidden fruit
Void receipt for a wireless heart

Children manifest into plastic

Window panes kept so dry
No one sees the frame inside
Holding cell for our apathy

Connect me to the quiet humble earth

Maybe it's true,
I'm just like you,

I just have less to say
I just have less to prove
There's a virus growing in me
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All fantasies catered to me
High-res social sodomy
Infinite files
A resignation to empathy

Full of shit patriots
Found the book and rendered it
Leave an impression on your broth

And forget why we lost our jobs

Stare down at your hands,
Watch the keyboard grow within
The creases skin can't cave in

Birth all over again
Become this gargantuan we've created:
Mortal machines

Our DNA has been replaced with binary code
Wake up in space, the world's a hard drive
Crashing, breaking, faking dead energies

Potential got the best of us
We advanced too far past Darwin
And left holes in our humanity

They're full of promises we made before we hated god