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Black Sheep Wall

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Black Sheep Wall

White Pig

Abandon me
For my sins
For a wife
For a son
With your death

I'm dead weight

Snowbirds don't fly
A man-child who fucks to spread disease,
Conform, and lies
Once you're a father
Self-righteous in your mistakes

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We're 20 year slaves
Lost rights in a name
Taken from us the day we were saved
From wombs escaped
A longing to be back from whence we came

We are

Lonely and depraved

[They say this will kill me...
But they won't say when]

I'm dead weight

Forgive you?
Forgive you?
You only promised me death

Father, father
Please save me
If you are a god?
Why must you die? (Why must I die)

Eat up, black maggot

Bastard children on display
In a coma state
Imprisoned in a glass house web page observed every day