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Craig Finn

Western Pier

Someone saw something just east of here
I came up on the western pier
There's one thing you should know about
Christ is watching me right now

Someone saw something and they shot it down
I spent seven months in another town
That night I walked down on the beach
That night I saw them watching me

They rolled up
They put the cuffs on
Then they drove me
Deep in to the valley
The just judge
He Looked me over
He said 'I'm sorry
You don't have to keep running
But you'd best be leaving'

You can't take away all the parts of you
That make you do the things you do
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The girls that live inside my heart
Keep coming up the boulevard

They roll up
They pledge their loving
Then they drive you
Halfway to a breakdown
The just judge
He looked me over
He said 'I'm sorry
Love's been such a letdown
Let's proceed with the shakedown'

Jesus is a judge
And he's kind
And he's just
Forgives us for our avarice and lust

And I don't even know what's east of here
I came up on the western pier