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Terrified Eyes

Sean says he can't sit here and tell her that it's really all so simple
'Cause it's not simple, it's exhausting and confusing
and it's scary and complex
He hates how Shannon talks about herself like she's a whole separate person
And he's still pissed at her doctors but he's mostly
just sick of not connecting

What the hell we gonna do when they finally let you
come home from the hospital?
Sit around the house and make fake plans and then walk
down to the Wagon Wheel
Bills're gonna come, we'll just shrug our shoulders at the notion
Numbers so far into the beyond they look a little bit surreal

Satisfaction is a funny thing, funny enough
That when she brings it up he laughs a little bit before he breaks down
It was obvious to anyone the way she took her medication at the bar,
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The way she crossed herself when it's the bartender's round

He's not gonna tell her it's a matter of just kinda trying harder
He's not gonna tell her if you love someone then you should set 'em free
He wishes that she wouldn't always say to him that
she's sorry lookin' up with terrified eyes
He said I wish that you could try to love yourself
the same way that you love me

Frustration is a funny friend, funny enough
That he keeps coming up and making me do things that I don't like
When you come home from the hospital we can't go back to the Wagon Wheel,
And if we do we can't go every night

In the middle of the day she mostly feels okay,
When night time comes she just feels terrified