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Hold the Line

See, the way you talk
Is frightening quite a lot of people
And I want to know
Are you going to minimize your way of approach?
Because not everybody's a revolutionary
And the fear is keeping people away
From coming together as we should
Now, what can you do about that?

There's nothing I can do about that
Because it's my firm belief that somebody has to be there
Everybody can't be mealy-mouthed
Everybody can't tiptoe through the tulips
Everybody can't play politics
Everybody can't compromise
Somebody has to be strong
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I wouldn't have to be as strong as I am
If I saw some others being strong like that
I could tone down
But I'm feeling such desperation
To get the message out
To try to plant the seed in those who are strong enough
That the walls of their mind
Can hold that revolutionary light
It closes doors in my face
It cuts back on money [?]
It drives some women away from me
But I keep on pushin'
And somebody has to hold the line
I'm gonna hold the line