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(feat. T-K.A.S.H. and The Conscious Daughters)

[Verse 1:T-K.A.S.H.]
Grew up in the ghetto
Rocks stars, heavy metal, fellows peddlin' pebbles
Cop cars full of devils, hit the set in severals
Try they best to set us up and get us up in the federals
Emerson, Carter, Oakland Tech
Went to Mac summer school, ask Bean from the west
16 with a vest, big dreams of a tec
.45 and a chop, tryin' to lock up the block
Peasant as an adolescent but I grew to be king
Jedi prince, 'Bomb Threat' dropped and I ain't looked back since
But for a minute, I just took that glimpse
Thank God I did not decide to cook that brick
Undermobb, Stolen Legacy, I shook that shit
Most of 'em wasn't Guerrillas, they just look that shit
Half of us still speak, through it all still weak
But it all back together, come with some real heat

[Verse 2: CMG]
It's the caramel light chocolate catastrophic
Lyrical mosh pit, huh, the floss chick
Invincible to weak mcs that never seen me
Comin' at a hundred degrees, I'm like fleas
That make ya itch, the wicked witch of the west
Savage mic flower, unseen too fresh
Creepin' out the dark with them blows to the guts
Cause you never see me comin' from up out the cut, what?

We Raid, raid on, raid on

[Verse 3: Special One]
See us skee skirt, we work, ready to ride
I'm in my t-shirt, we serve, ready to fight
The street sweeper, bleed ya, freedom or die
Now who could see her, we the, dirtiest kind
Never beat, GOPs with these golden gloves
We'd rather see 'em in the streets with these golden slugs
It's K1, Nigga show me love
We never beat, never weak, TCD, we thug, we mobbin'

[Verse 4: Paris]
We take the ride on, shine on, light that touch
Keep the fight on, ride on lies that cut
We collide on, rhyme on rise and bust
On they crime on - life to divide us up
Keep it basic, niggas want improvements now
Nigga face it, they wanna keep the movement down
Fuck what they said, we comin' with the proven sound
It's that bay shit, guaranteed to move the crowd, we sayin'

We Raid, raid on, raid on

[Verse 5: CMG]
I got that sin juice flowin', thick in the veins
And I'm finna set it off without no restraints
Lookin' strange, before I blow out gauge
On the front page news see me center stage
CMG the squaw with the native tongue
Never bitin' on a rhyme and still keepin' 'em sprung
West coast gangsta, savage beastie
Feastin' on wack mcs discreetly

[Verse 6: Special One]
I'm mad at you hoes cause y'all don't feel it
We holdin' up a mirror to the streets, now who the realest
For real it, Bitch, the ballot or the bullet?
My finger's on the trigger for my freedom I'ma pull it (I'ma pull it)
Now check it cause you might get hurt
See we clappin' off the straps if the rap don't work
(Shit, don't make us have to do that dirt
I got this freedom in my drawz, conscious daughters for the cause

[Verse 7: Paris]
Identify genocide, ride or die, we wreck
Guerrilla Funk, hard truth, we devise respect
Break through to the youth, keepin lies in check
For my troops and the fruit - NOI connect
Have pride, you could rise and confide in us
Keep it live and advise you we size em up
Understandin' the plan they devised for us
Never ran, keep it mannish we rise us up, we sayin

We Raid, raid on, raid on
(Raid on soldier, raid on)
All day, everyday we raid, believe, (Yeah)
All day, everyday, we break, [?]

We Raid, raid on, raid on
(Hell yeah)

[Verse 8: T-K.A.S.H.]
Real players, real hustlers
Busters still hate us
Can't touch us
Gangsters still stay up
Double up the paper
We prayin'
Bubble up the police
Don't show me
No love, cause I don't tell on homies
Show love for the young cats who know me
OGs that lace me while growin'
This one's for the hometown of Oakland
East side, west bound and north [?]
South Sac, south Stockton, Portland
Back down to the state that's all golden

We Raid, raid on, raid on