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Kids Thats Rich

Producer:Pete Rock

Nothing but big gooses in here, kid...

Rock your ship, black, million dollar man march rap
Physically strapped, electrifying gats, flying at
Rap herbals with verbals, kingpin's swerve out
Styles 360 degrees, don't blur out
Pass the word out, we don't bring dirt out
Yo, swerving out, mass murder route, blaow
Get up and work now, ya'll niggas feel jerk now
Take your money back, fuck yours, I'm lookin' truck, still broke down
Pass the smoke out, fly steaming hat, choked down
Hailing from the throat down, six hundred dollar coke, baow!
Last quote now, the don, Lexy float now
Hope now, Atlanta big boat style, we float now
Twist the flow Nile, the bitch tore down
Get it right, the wrist roll down, fly sneaker nigga, low down
Go down, lady dry ya blower out, casarole role, roll out
The jack star, track, fold out
Bone out, pound and a half'll blown out
Half the bone out, halfway home, it's on now

[Hook: Raekwon]
Aiyo, cats be telling on kids, now that's a lie, son
Cats be telling on kids, do or die, son
Cats that run with you, dumb out, puff blunts with you
Cats be telling on kids, now that ain't love son
Cats be feeling you, then what, be grilling you
Cats be fronting on kids, Lex, you live, son

Learn how to bust these, gemmed out, yo Killa lust these
Try not to trust these, I'm six Guyanese, dust these
Set up to fuck these, good luck, trees rolling out with rugbies
You love these, certified thugs, blowing up g's
We all that, commissioner don rap, with the arm at
Set up saloons, bring pawns where we want at
Reward that, Oscar Award, applaud that
We like Hardcastle and McCormack, set up the floor mat
Splash four hat, Similac cats, tour rap
Faggot-ville, where other reals won't ball at
React tours that, Hillfinger drawers, Wu hat
Relax do that, whoever boo trash, two at
Beige or blue hat, suede wally shoe, lashin' Clue at
White folks, come out your night clothes, sliding through that