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The Wild 2017
1.The Wild Intro
2.This Is What It Comes Too
4.Skit (Bang Head Right)
6.Can't You See
7.My Corner
9.Visiting Hour
10.The Reign
11.Crown of Thorns
12.Purple Brick Road
13.You Hear Me
14.Bang Outro
We Wanna Thank You 2014
1.Wishing On A Star
2.Stop Tripping (Provided)
3.Footsteps In The Dark
4.Ooh La La La
5.Could It Be Im Falling In Love
6.Give Me Your Love
8.When I See You
9.Yearning For Your Love
10.Ill Be Good
11.Got To Be There The Girl Is Mine (Provided)
12.Close To You
13.You Used To Love Me
14.Hey Love
15.Heard It All Before
16.Why Dont We Fall In Love
17.Back Stabbers
18.All Night Long
19.Cant Believe (Provided)
20.Zoom Free
The Tonite Show 2013-03
1.Culinary School (Provided)
2.Yin And Yang (Provided)
3.So Much On Your Body (Provided)
4.Skit (Provided)
5.Double Dragon (Provided)
6.Bigger Gun (Provided)
7.Real Niggaz (Provided)
8.The Tonite Show With Raekwon (Provided)
9.Mic Flips (Provided)
10.Rae Words Interlude (Provided)
11.Holes Of Hell (Provided)
12.Outro (Provided)
The Lex Diamond Story 2013
1.Smith Bros.
2.Clientele Kidd
3.All Over Again
5.Missing Watch
6.Planet Of The Apes
7.Once Upon a Time
8.King of Kings
9.Musketeers Of Pig Alley
10.Pa-Blow Escablow
11.Pit Bull Fights
12.The Lex Diamond Intro
13.Hitman Salary (Skit) (Provided)
14.Restaurant (Skit)
15.Fuck You (Skit)
16.Ice Cream Pt. 2
17.The Hood
18.Wild Chimpanzees (Skit)
19.Wild in da Club
20.Lex Diamond Story Outro
Soundboy Kill It (Single) 2013
1.Soundboy Kill It (Single)
Never Can Say Goodbye - Single 2013
1.Never Can Say Goodbye
Neither One Of Us - Single 2013
1.Neither One Of Us
Lost Jewlry 2013
1.Intro (A Kings Chariot) (Provided)
2.Prince Of Thieves
3.Young Boy Penalties
4.Hold You Down ft. Faith Evans
5.For The Listeners
6.Die Tonight
7.New Day ft. Freddie Gibbs
8.Lead Season
9.86? ft. Altrina Renee
10.Came Up
11.To The Top ft. Maino
12.Whatever, Whenever
Fly International Luxurious Art 2013
1.Soundboy Kill It
All About You (Single) 2013
1.All About You
Unexpected Victory (Mixtape) 2012
2.Just A Toast
3.The Brewery
4.A Pinebox Story
7.That Good Good
8.Luxury Rap
9.Chinese Marines
10.This Shit Hard
11.Soldier Story
12.MTV Cribs
13.A Few Good Men (Provided)
14.Chupa Cabra
15.Facetime (Provided)
16.Gangsta Cazals
17.Black Dust (Provided)
Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang 2011-08
1.Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
2.Every Soldier In The Hood
3.Silver Rings
4.Chop Chop Ninja
5.Butter Knives
6.Snake Pond
7.Crane Style
8.Rock N Roll
9.Rich & Black
10.From The Hills
11.Last Trip To Scotland
12.Ferry Boat Killaz
13.Dart School
15.The Scroll
16.Masters Of Our Fate
17.Wu Chant (Outro) (Provided)
18.Wu Crime
19.Your World & My World
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II 2009-09
1.Return Of The North Star
2.House Of Flying Daggers
3.Sonny's Missing
4.Pyrex Vision
5.Cold Outside
6.New Wu
8.Fat Lady Sings
9.Canal Street
10.10 Bricks
12.We Will Rob You
13.Have Mercy
14.Surgical Gloves
15.Black Mozart
16.Mean Streets
17.Kiss The Ring
18.Ason Jones
20.Walk Wit Me
21.Baggin' Crack
22.Broken Safety
23.About Me
24.The Badlands
The Vatican Mixtape Vol. 1 (Mixtape) 2006
1.Let My Niggas Live
2.Intro (from The Vatican Mixtape, 2006) (Provided)
3.DJ Riddler Skit (Provided)
4.You Might Die
5.Major Waves (Provided)
6.Tony Soprano (DJ Riddler Skit) (Provided)
7.Gun King (Verse) (Provided)
8.Still Killin' (Verse Off Of Kay Slay) (Provided)
9.King Pinz
10.The Heist
11.Baggage Handlers
12.Spring Water (DJ Riddler Blend) (Provided)
13.45's (DJ Riddler Skit) (Provided)
14.Big Spender
15.The Truth (Provided)
16.Make Moves (Provided)
17.Eldarado (Provided)
18.Purple Jag
19.Bump Bump (Provided)
20.Shame On a Nigga (Provided)
21.Pop Off (Verse) (Provided)
22.Joe Pesci (DJ Riddler Skit) (Provided)
23.Thousends to M's
24.Kids Thats Rich
25.Scarface Skit (DJ Riddler & Charles Bronson) (Provided)
26.Good Kush
27.Fish & Chips
28.Dj Riddler Blend (Provided)
29.Vatican (Provided)
30.Down South (Verse) (Provided)
31.Ghetto Boy (Provided)
Immobilarity 1999
1.100 Rounds
2.All I Got Is You Pt. Ii
6.Fuck Them
7.Heart To Heart
8.Intro(Skit) (Provided)
10.Live From New York
11.My Favorite Dred
12.Outro (Provided)
13.Pop Shit
16.Real Life
17.Skit No.2 (Provided)
18.Skit No 1 (Provided)
20.The Table
21.Yae Yo
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 1995
1.Can It All Be So Simple(Remix)
3.Glaciers Of Ice
5.Heaven & Hell
6.Ice Cream
7.Ice Water
8.Incarcerated Scarfaces
9.Knowledge God
11.North Star
12.Rainy Dayz
13.Shark Niggas(Biters)
14.Spot Rusherz
15.Striving For Perfection
16.Verbal Intercourse
17.Wisdom Body
Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang (Single)
1.Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang (Single)
Lex Diamond Story
1.Smith Bros.
Coke Up in da Dollar Bill
3.Heat Rocks
Blood on Chef's Apron
1.Blood on Chefs Apron Freestyle
2.Cake Baking
3.Cocaine Blunts
4.Fortune and Fame
5.What Do I Do
6.On the Fly Note
R.A.G.U. (Rae and Ghost United)
2.The Hilton
4.Ghost Is Back
1.All I Got Is You Pt. 2
2.Nasty Immigrants
3.Giant Size
4.The Living Room
5.Can It Be All So Simple (Remix)
7.Ice Cream 2
8.A Rainy Day
9.Guillotine (Swordz)
10.I'm A Boss
11.Smith Bros. (Remix) [feat. Ghost Killah]
12.North Star (Jewels)
13.Wyld In Da Club
14.New Wu (feat. Method Man and Ghostface Killah) - Remix
15.Broken Safety Featuring Jadakiss & Styles P.
16.Live to Die
18.Wall to Wall
19.The Morning
20.Live From N.Y.
21.Bulletproof Diaries
23.Piss in the Shark Tank
25.Thousands to M's
27.State Of Grace
29.Still Struggling
30.4 in the Morning
32.The Young Black
33.Rainy Dayz (RZA remix)
35.Criminology 2.5
37.Our Dreams

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