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NAS( Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones )

Nah Mean (Intanatty Remix)

Nas & Damian Marley

Tougher than concrete, eh boy
Go labbajuice, watch ya, check it! Boom
You nah mean Mi dip out a whole fourteen, nah mean
And reload man extra magazine, nah mean
A wounded them housin' scheme, nah mean
Nuff a dem a move sideways and lean, nah mean Can't come bout when man deh in, nah mean
We nuh like dem colonial regime, nah mean
Ethiopian nuh like Mussoline, nah mean
Mi Queen hafi rock and come in, nah meanAnd jump pon mi big trampoline, nah mean
And boost up her self-esteem, nah mean
Nuff a wonder how man kitchen so clean, nah mean
And which recipe dat a steam, nah mean The lyrics dem a flow like a stream, nah mean
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Mek you feel like you livin' in a dream, nah mean
It come to the crop man a cream, nah mean
It come to discipline man a Dean, nah mean Mi tougher than a Hummer limousine, nah mean
We steppin', we fresh and we clean, nah mean
I burn the stinkest of green, nah mean
Better listen up careful and keen, nah mean A Puppa Nas a rock and come in... nah mean We celebrate like I finished probation, boy boy
Notty Head with no chaser, boy boy
From the mouth I can spit out a razor, boy boy
Open up your facial like your boy Roy In his prime, eat food, dinnertime, Jr. Gong
Pass the Guinness, handle business, Black Velvet sippers
Females never bid us farewell, they with us
Cause we arrive on the scene just like a high beam, nah mean

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