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NAS( Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones )


I'm the nigga walkin with his finger on the trigger
Make enough figures until my pockets get bigger
I ain't the type of brother made for you to start testin
Gimme a Smith-N-Wesson I'll have niggas undressin
I'm rollin with a mob and runnin from the cops
Drive stolen cars and shoot many Glocks
A marijuana addict, if niggas want static
They had it, cause I flip just like a acrobatic
I'm always on the corners rollin up Sess
When I dress it's never nothin less than Guess
So I walk with a bop and my hat turned back
Love commitin sins and my friends sell crack
I got it goin on, my knuckle game is strong
Sip Dom Pérignon and then carry on
Army certifieds, keep a Rent-A-Ride
Strippin mad hoes and kick em to the side
See I'm the type of brother who keeps a four-pounder
Start a lot of shit and shoot at out of towners
At every block party, I try to catch a body
All for props, tell your pops call the cops
See now I'm on the run, but still havin fun
Livin by the Mac, my gear is all black
I keep killin, because I'm ready and I'm willin
And I'm a villian


I got beef with the President and still lovin it
Trying to make plans to overthrow the government
It won't work cause niggas don't believe enough
They'd rather stand on the corners and receive a cuff
Around they wrist, you don't like the sound of this
Rebel, but my country doesn't want me
They'd rather hunt me, but you'll never catch us all
While you fuckin with the dealers we'll be sticking up the malls
Full of anger, all about danger
Pullin out my banger, stabbin up a stranger
I hear Walkie Talkies in my sleep
And use a whole lot of slang when I speak
Walking with a vest, the projects is where I rest
And the streets keep me stressed
Staring at your face, wait for you to make a sound
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That's when I take you down, shoot you up and suit you up
All in black, and put you in a box
A hard rock with a .25 in my socks
Aiming at your temple, so take the diamonds off your hands
I'm buckwild like Billy Bear and Ganz
Prince of pistolers, words are crystal clear
And this you should fear
The maniac keeps killing, I'm known as a outlaw
Cause I'm a villain

I keep bullets racing out the barrels of a Magnum
Put 'em to sleep and leave the doctors to tag them
An outlaw, although I never wear a holster
In every town you see my face is on a poster
Hear so many gunshots my eardrums should pop
Eyesight should stop, from seeing mad niggas drop
To the concrete, I got police putting chalk on the street
And this is done once a week
I'm out to kill, like Navy Seals
I'm crazy ill, and what I can't do my .380 will
I never play with a AK
Because I'm fine with a .9 and if caught I'll do lesser time
Sometimes you gotta plan shit, and understand it
See I'm a bandit whose hand'll itch
Without a gun in it, Nas is runnin it
I stay blunted, I'm the project's most wanted
My voice is like magic
My cassette is the clip and your radio's the Automatic
So when I'm in your town, 'duck down'
Or take fire, whatever you desire
But I'm on point you might miss
Never fight this, you'll be sightless when I strike this
So roll the dice, I'm stoppin the bank
It's ill how I got the pen droppin the ink
No one can stop this Apocalypse
On your record player a method layer so run and tell your Mayor
Nas the parlayer, you better say your prayer
I'm the New York City slayer
I play high post and then lay low
Parlé slow and wear horns, not a halo
And keep killin, cause I'm a villain

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