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Arranger:Gareth.T, Teddy Fan

Yes she's insecure bout her voice
That caused the redness of my eyes
Of my eyes
Yes she takes her time
Yea she takes most of her time
Just simply trying
Tryna find

A solution to feel proud
As much as I'm of her
Spite the tears she's cried and sleepless nights
That I'm to blame

Still she says
Loving you is the only thing
I'm confident about
Know how seasons change
But for once in all my life I got no doubts
I got no doubts

She says I'll stay through
All the times you're hard to love
To love
And these years they go too fast
They're catching up
But we're not nearly fast enough

So we're growing old
But somethings dont change
They're always set in stone
Set in stone
You're my highest high
And my lowest low
Untill we both go
Until we go

So I'll try to fill your dreams with all you hope
Us dancing in your living room
Us kissing till the sun breaks through
Half awake and holding you
'ast night felt like minutes or two
I'll never know how u do it
How u do it

So if it's loving me
the only thing you're confident about
I'll make sure it'll worth the while