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Kali Uchis( Karly-Marina Loaiza )

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Kali Uchis( Karly-Marina Loaiza )

Mucho Gusto

Mucho gusto, you look like what I'm used to
A superficial mother fucker claimin' that's (unknown) use to
And I bet you're claimin' that you got the deuce too
Sit back baby lemme show you what the juice do

My teeth are all crooked like a schemin' cop
And my body's polluted but it's all I got
My skin is fucked up s'got ink all on it
And my style's like my shoe's, strawberry pink all on it

And I'm real fucked up, bothering me, not
Everything you've gotta say I already forgot
And I promise in a second I will cut you off
Cause I like to keep away from all the silly talk

And it's five in the mornin' woke up just yawnin'
You were too busy spending all night moanin'
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Claiming this money is the main component
Look around honey, tell me what's time on it?

You just wanna be accepted
I just wanna be perfected
You just wanna take your clothes off
And bounce around so you can get your cat fed
And that's cool baby that's fine
I'll take you while you're in your prime
Shit, I'll take two if you're on time
When I got stuff to do, just don't start cryin'

Baby tryna get sweet with me
Wanna take me out
Wanna eat with me