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Wallis & Matilda

Sunrise On the Coast

Grey dawn on the sand-hills -- the night wind has drifted
All night from the rollers a scent of the sea;
With the dawn the grey fog his battalions has lifted,
At the call of the morning they scatter and flee.

Like mariners calling the roll of their number
The sea-fowl put out to the infinite deep.
And far over-head -- sinking softly to slumber
Worn out by their watching, the stars fall asleep.

To eastward, where resteth the dome of the skies on
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The sea-line, stirs softly the curtain of night;
And far from behind the enshrouded horizon
Comes the voice of a God saying 'Let there be light.

And lo, there is light! Evanescent and tender,
It glows ruby-red where 'twas now ashen-grey;
And purple and scarlet and gold in its splendour
Behold, 'tis that marvel, the birth of a day!