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Bloods & Crips

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Bloods & Crips

Time Is Gone Nigga


Bailin' up out the East Side, ready to go, hittin' the door
Niggaz goin' down and dropped off with them triple gold
Thangs, but now a Slobs ain't givin' a fuck
About a copper tryin' to stop us, sayin' fuck them hoes, we stacking 'em up
And to the top is where we headed, yeah, we major player
Niggaz up in my city cluckin' the most grip, we all into birds
And it's worth to the niggaz in my - hood
That's movin' a motherfuckin' thangs doin' real - good
Know y'all, what's up boy, yo without love and tell it's hard
All my niggaz is comin' up and gettin' large
Droppin' the top and never to drop a motherfuckin' dime
Homie you gets caught up in the game you gots to do your time
The consequence as a real bitch
But niggaz should know what's worth than your word
So you best to clock your fuckin' grip
Niggaz don't wreck yourself but get your fuckin' grind on
Go for the kill so you can chill 'fore your fuckin' time's gone, niggaz

Now I'm bailin' down the Four, nigga, bhakis creased
Then I laugh when I hear a Crab - hollerin' about peace
Nigga must be brazy, that shit ain't in my vocab
I put a cap in his ass and leave his ass in a rehab
Then head to the hospital, my job ain't done
I wanna bee his ass bitch feet deep, and then some
Leavin' motherfuckers in a big hole
Went to scoop up Young Leak, Hops and my nigga Dogg
Pops lit up one of those fat-ass blunts
Now I'm high as fuck, nigga, on the Crab hunt
The first Crab I bee, my mind goes hostile
I load the gun and put one in his nostrils
For disrespecting
I'm knowin' for checkin' a Ricket
Tryin' to come to - low key and bickin'
With this motherfuckin' dog hollerin' 'What's up Blood!?'
1-0-4 like I said, always draped in red
And if I hear you say 'Crab' then nigga it's on
And your ass'll die - before your time is gone

Now tell me who the fuck's next up on this mic?
C-K Big Wy finna punch out your fuckin' life
Here comes the smasher, straight Crab crusher
Killin' all Rickets, baby mamas and Crab lovers
Well boy, fuck all these niggaz wearin' all that flue shit
I fuck up shit and I likes to kill fuckin' Rips
We roll on them niggaz if them niggaz hangin' out
Roll up to them niggaz blow they motherfuckin' brains out
Buck his motherfuckin' brains, let these niggaz story ain't bullshit
Empty yo clip and show these Crabs who they're fuckin' with
C-K Ridin', Damu Ridin'
Motherfuckin' Bounty Hunters Five Line pridin'
Now tell me motherfuckin' Crab nigga what's stoppin' ya?
The Y.G. gangsta regulator Crenshaw Mafia
Niggaz better recognize some killers in your fuckin' face
Niggaz gettin' slapped - with the motherfuckin' Tec, bitch
I C-K all day, all the motherfuckin' time
It's in my mind all the time, nigga 1-0-9
C-K Ridin' is the motherfuckin' mission
Killin' all Crabs, makin' niggaz come up missing
M and L, L and the M, now all the shit is good
West/Side is the hood, neighborhood, call it Inglewood
Nigga where I'm from? The motherfuckin' Projects
Where niggaz get wrecked and they motherfuckin' chin checked
Bust 'em in his motherfuckin' face, let these niggaz know
You from the Five and I'm from the 1-0-4
We shootin' them motherfuckin' Crabs everyday for fun and don't forget
Niggaz been down every since motherfuckin' day one
I smoke bud! Fuck these niggaz smokin' loop
I? hear? WOOP WOOP when I scream WOOP out the fuckin' Coupe
I got them motherfuckin' bhakis and a t-shirt
Blast throw the cap ready to put in work
The motherfuckin' Wy? period? to the fuckin' Big
I went to Century and Fig' I'm ready to spray on you motherfucker
Nigga I'm a soldier, holdin' fuckin' boulders
Niggaz wanna run up, you suckers, I told you
I thought you to the motherfuckers know a nigga told you
Crenshaw and Century and play on Figueroa
So never forget when you're fuckin' with these soldiers
Big Wy and Lil' Stretch, nigga, yes we (I) told you

Fuck you punk-ass niggaz, nigga
Big Wy ain't sayin' bullshit, nigga
C niggaz better recognize
West Side M and the L
East Side!
Ballin' on these nigga
Crenshaw Mafia for life
Regulatin' niggaz out nigga
You know I don't give a fuck nigga
I'm ready fuckin up this shit
It's on nigga
It's on nigga