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Jacob Anderson( Raleigh Ritchie )

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Jacob Anderson( Raleigh Ritchie )

Life in a Box

Producer:DJ Dahi

This is my life in pieces
This is my life in a box
I can give you time if you need it
Take a look around, mind the socks

I would like to welcome you to the boudoir
That's my private room
I hope this is alright for you
Cause I'm afraid it's all I've got

You can crack the window open, let the weed smell out
I was formerly heartbroken, haven't had nobody round

And now you're here looking so lovely
My breath smells of beer and I'm first thing ugly
Maybe we rushed this, maybe it's too soon
Maybe I fucked this, do you think I'm a loser?

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Here I go again, giving it all away
Here I go again, giving away the game
Shouldn't feel ashamed, nothing to my name
I believe in change, but I'll always be the same
Start again

Welcome to the Hotel Raleigh
Where the valet is a crackhead in an alley

Let me lay you down on my silk sheets, baby
Take you round and round, drive you bath salts crazy
Flipping out to the sounds of my Marvin Gaye tape
Slow jams, romance, onto Donny Hathaway

Run my hands down your smooth cheeks
And though I haven't shaved for two weeks
I'm gonna take my time, come a little closer
I hope you don't mind my X-Men poster