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Mistah F.A.B.( Mistah FAB )

Smile Freestyle

Smile for me man, huh
Nigga hard, rest in peace to 2pac
Keep your head up, yeah

I see my mama die in front of my heart, that shit hurt
See my daddy die from aids man, that shit hurt
Watch my granny die from diabetic, that shit hurt
Watch my brother locked up it's pathetic, and it's hurt
But it's hard when you talking to god and he don't answer back
When your dad died from aids, mama had cancer black
When your brother fucked up and need some help
But only thing that they do, is give them 25 upon the shelf
It's hard looking in your daughter's eyes when she ask where granny ay
And you can't even tell her maine
You tell her she in the skies up with god, in the church they keep lying
She going to these meetings, and they fucking with her mind
And they talking bout jehova in the sky, and he waiting to come back
So she just smile, she should pray on that
I laugh cause I know, what's life without faith when there's nowhere to go
That's why

Smile for me, gotta smile for me
Won't you just smile for me
You black you smile for me
Smile for me, some type of thing I look forward to
You just smile, for me

These penitenciaries is packed, with more blacks than whites
And it's fucked up cause it's hard when they stuck up with life
My nigga sitting in the cell, gave them a cell when he called me
Asking what he doing, he stopped for a minute to tell me
He told me one day in this lifetime he dreamed he was free
He had a vision, he was sitting, right side with me
We at the grammies, and we the bet
He said he had a dream that man he was right there with me
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But I know that it's not true he's sitting stuck in this cell
Feeling like he feel like he ain't never getting outta here
He seen his cellie stabbed in the face, with a shake
Over 107 stitches an he stank
And it's hard being on lock down with a nigga that's dead in your cell
Can't scream cause the ceos gonn hear you yell
Gotta sit in solitary, while niggas taking up the whole cell
Nigga smile for me

Smile for me, how you smile at that, huh?
Won't you just smile for me, shit crazy
It's hard to smile for me now
But I know one day I'ma smile again
No more ever going in the tal again
I'm riding and I'm feeling like my talent there
Styling in, live wire feeling like styling em and I'm ailing em
I'm chilling on an island reminding my mind flipping back
Wondering where my niggas in the hood that was pitching crack
Same niggas was picture crack, now them niggas hitting cracks
Know the fucking ... I watch my niggas shit collapse
Shit ... thinking they turn soft
Get in front of that judge and watch they tears go, roll
Niggas up on parole, reminisce that they never hookers upon a stroll
Now they sitting on e14, that's just the way it go
But you don't understand my pain
You don't feel me though
I'm locked out of light, purgatory, tryina get to heaven
Talking to this brethren, tryina smile
Between religion, prisons, incarceration
Black on black crime, man it's hard to smile, damn
Realest shit I never wrote, part 6
Won't you just smile for me
Smile for me, won't you just smile for me.