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Jazz Cartier

Forever Ready Band On A Bible Interlude

Part One:Forever Ready

I was in the chicken spot, around my way, me and my boys, just hustlin', when I heard 'The Real Love Remix'. It was buzzin', oh shit, so yeah, we was buzzin' though, it ain't nothin', you know what I'm sayin'? I don't really be trippin' off that, you know? A lot of my peoples is with me, my peoples havin' a good time. My mom's is ight, my daughter ight, so I'm good, I don't, fane, you know what I'm sayin'? I leave that alone, you know? Cuz that's, that's when the eagle's startin' in
Exactly, exactly

The feds try to catch me on the run, I don't stop and go
Sick of telling niggas I'm the shit, I just drop a load2
Music couldn't make a nigga rich, I was choppin' blow2
Cuttin' every corner for a dollar when the stock was low2
Every time I pull up with the clique, see a flock of hoes
Get some private time with your chick, tell her lock the door
Know you see me walking with this ho, why you knocking for?
Is you with the opps? Why the fuck you cock-blocking for?
Don't think I'mma ask if you with her or not
I'll assume that's your bitch cause you with her a lot
I'm always too high to consider a lot
I'm the Biggie in my city, I've been Ready to Die2
Had to check my last plug, so he sold me a chicken
He a paranoid mind, wouldn't give me his digits
So I had to get his contacts through one of my bitches
He wanted pussy and she wanted the business

You, you definitely, the heavy weight contender for the east coast
You know, we, we drawin' you out there. It's like...
It's all good
You know
I can take the weight, you know what I'm sayin'?

I'm never losing service on the block, cause I call the shots
Running up my minutes with your shit, cause you talk a lot
Niggas don't need you anymore, you's a pocket watch3
Remind me why we should give a fuck, cause we all forgot
My bank account's looking rather pleasant
I been that nigga ever since an adolescent
Since fifteen, I've been running out of blessings
And now you fuck niggas running out of seconds
I'm talking 'bout
Every day, lead a nigga on, make him think he could
Someone said your man stands a chance, I don't think he stood
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Brain making way more promises than Pinky could
Taking over the world, I know you niggas wish you could
Niggas always cracking under pressure, I don't ever break
Can't say I'm flowing anymore, I just levitate
Niggas like 'you can go to sleep when you second place'
But when we second place, we don't celebrate...

I can take the weight, you know what I'm sayin'? Because, I left it that way, you know what I'm sayin'?
Ha ha
Ain't no front with me, I keeps it real, you know? Whatever y'all wanna hear, y'all gon' hear it from me, cuz I, I don't bite my tongue for no one, you know what I'm sayin'? I'm a real one, whenever, bring it

Part Two: Band on a Bible

Me, my niggas and the money
Pussy ain't nothing
I can get it when I want it
Right now, I don't want it
Right now, I want the money
Walk in the bank
I tell the bank teller 'bust it open'
The bank teller see my bank statements
I ain't gotta say a word and she bust it open2
My bitch got a burner... all we do is point and shoot
I tell em 'do em how you do it baby'
And if a nigga lay his hands on you, never hesitate
Do him how you do it baby3
Bands... a nigga only want bands
I put a band in my bible, and I pray for more bands
God damn

I used to lose sleep over money but
Now a nigga ballin' now
Thousand dollar dinners with my niggas cause we balling now
All my niggas balling now
All my niggas balling now
I only want these bands baby, don't you hear them calling out
Don't you hear them calling out
Don't you hear them calling out
Only want these bands baby, don't you hear them calling out