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Elephant Man( Oneal Bryan )

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Elephant Man( Oneal Bryan )

Shmoney Dance

Shmoney dance a tek over yuh acre
GS9 a di maker
Mek wi dance and bun out playa hater
cah wi nuh cater
Mek we dance, yeah everybody a shmoney
Do di dance, mi wah fi see everybody shmoney
Mek we dance, yeah everybody a shmoney
Do di dance, mi wah fi see everybody shmoney
Mi get a call from Bobby Shmurda (Shmurda)
Di wul' a Crooklyn seh dis a murder (murder)
Everybody a do di shmoney
A di brand new dance in case yuh never heard a (heard a)
Stretch out yuh hands, move yuh shoulder (shoulder)
Left, right march out like a soldier (soldier)
Bend over gyal, shake it like a soda
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Do di shmoney, set yuh hand like yuh a push a stroller
Move to the right shmoney
Move to the left shmoney
Bad man dance, dis a nuh fi nuh bwoy weh funny
Park side do the shmoney
Crooklyn do the shmoney
Talk di truth, don't dah one yah sweet like honey
Bend yuh back shmoney, move up yuh feet shmoney
Walk round inna circle, show dem how fi dweet sunny
Empty di clip, done it
Yuh nuh see Noah a shmoney
Bend yuh back then yuh fold yuh knees like money, money

Elephant Man( Oneal Bryan )
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