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Iris DeMent

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Iris DeMent

Before the Colors Fade

Before the colors fade from view
I sit alone remembering you
And all those things you'd say and do
And the feel of being next to you
The angles of your sweet, old face
The voice that filled my life with grace
I walk as through a sacred place
Before the colors fade

Everybody comes and then they go
Everybody fades and glows
Everybody falls and climbs
Some people go before their time
But no one sparkled quite like you
I'm gonna miss you through and through
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I'll visit every shade and hue
Before the colors fade

Tonight I'll read you like a book
Every twist and turn you took
Every song and every look
All you gave, all you took
In time you might seem like a dream
But until then and in between
I'll linger on each sacred scene
Before the colors fade

repeat chorus