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I Don't

I've probably had, too much to drink
That's my alibi, fuck what y'all think
Fuck y'alls advice, yeah you heard me right
It's my fucking life, it's my fucking life
I guess Cupid really fucked shit up
When he shot you and that nigga
I bet he's insecure as fuck
'Cuz how could you compare to this nigga
Yeah, Yeah
I hope you sincerely know
I could give a fuck about a nigga
And Imma keep fucking these hoes
I hope, I hope
I hope, you think of me
I hope, I hope
I hope, you still love me
'Cuz I don't
I don't, I don't give a fuck
Since your boy got on, now you're trynna show me love
I don't, I don't
I don't think of you
I could, I could
But I've probably had, too much to smoke
That Louis XIII, fucked up my throat
I've got a new bitch that do anything for me
New niggas don't cut it for me
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Old bitches say they rooted for me
Word, what a good story
Nobody shit flowers
Not even Miss Daisy
Bitches who'd never date me
Now calling me baby
Oh, I'm fucking for hours
Quickly turn to minutes
'Cuz I don't give a fuck about these money hungry bitches
Fuck it, I'll blame E
Fuck, I'll blame this smoke
Fuck, I'll blame this dro
Imma keep it OMO 'till I go
Gotta go through niggas up in TO
Waiting on that call
And I'm addicted to bad bitches
I'm goin' on a withdrawal
But you a 7 in Toronto
6 up in New York
5 up in L.A
And Miami got you 4
I ain't sayin' you ain't fine
'Cuz you're as fine as ever
But I'm just sayin', I could do better

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